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8 Killer Resources for Content Marketers


Published: December 15, 2017 (Updated: March 2, 2020)

We’re never done learning, are we? No, thousands of dollars spent at a university weren’t enough, nor were decades in the industry. Having a temperament that allows us to absorb new information without pushing back with “well that’s not how we’ve done it before” is essential in the content marketing industry, which shifts and grows every time we turn around.

Fortunately, most content marketers are willing to share what they’ve learned. The lessons and principles they teach may not apply to every brand, but you can generally find nuggets of wisdom that you can incorporate into your content marketing. You’re not stealing; you’re borrowing. We’re feeling pretty generous, so here are eight killer resources for you content marketers out there. Enjoy.


Podcasts are an excellent way to absorb information on the go. Maybe your brand has even begun a recurring podcast aimed at your audience, but don’t forget to feed your own need for these helpful resources. Content marketing podcasts can provide you with insight and guidance from experts in the field. Here are a few of our favorite content marketing podcasts.

  • The Craft of Marketing: Seth Price, the host of the popular podcast The Craft of Marketing has worked with over 300 companies to improve their digital marketing. Just listen to him and you’ll feel yourself becoming more of an expert. In each episode of his podcast, Seth interviews other experts in the industry. One week it’ll be a video marketing guru, the next may be an expert on influencing. Price also has a specially appreciation for his audience since they funded the podcast through a Kickstarter campaign.
  • This Old Marketing: In their podcast, This Old Marketing, marketing experts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose fit as much as they possibly can into an hour. And they fit a lot. Pulizzi and Rose break every episode into three parts: content marketing news, a rant, and an example of past content marketing content along with what principles listeners can take away from it. They strike a balance between keeping listeners up-to-date with the rapid pace of the marketing industry and teaching valuable principles that listeners can then incorporate into their own strategies.
  • The Superheroes of Marketing: Some small- and medium-business owners get discouraged when they listen to a podcast that seems to only target large companies that have abundant resources. These owners need a podcast targeted toward them, and The Superheroes of Marketing is that podcast. Hosts Kelly and Alissa cover a wide range of topics related to content marketing, some specific and some general. They also occasionally interview industry experts and draw out tips for their listeners. Best of all, Kelly and Alissa reference many free resources for businesses that may not have the resources of the big guys.


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You’ll go insane if you stay cooped up in your office year-round and your only time away is when you go home to sleep. All content marketers should consider attending at least one conference a year. And the excuse to travel is only one small benefit. Content marketing conferences bring together the best and brightest in the industry to network, share ideas, and teach one another. Many conferences occur annually, so you can plan ahead for 2018. Here are a few conferences to check out.

  • Brand Innovators Summits: Anything put on by Brand Innovators is worth attending. Sometimes scheduling conflicts keep you from attending the number-one conference on your list, but fortunately, Brand Innovators holds their Summits throughout the year and in many locations across the United States. At their Summits, Brand Innovators arms attendees with best practices, case studies, and more research on how top brands are utilizing electronic media. At the Summits, you’ll hear from media directors, CMOs, brand marketers, and more as you attend keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops.
  • Adobe Summit: It’s not often that you can be taught by one of the most successful businesses in the world, but that’s just what you’ll get at the Adobe Summit. Held in Las Vegas every year, the Adobe Summit offers attendees 250 sessions and labs across six tracks so you can get the instruction and interaction that your individual brand needs. The Summit focuses primarily on helping brands build consistently engaging experiences for their audience.
  • Content Marketing Conference: What better place to learn about content marketing than at a conference with “content marketing” in its name? Generally held in Boston, the Content Marketing Conference focuses on how brands can use content marketing to stimulate organic growth in their business. With 11 keynote speakers and 30 total speakers, six tracks, and six workshops, the Content Marketing Conference will teach you how to deliver high-quality content to your audience.

Digital Resources

In addition to podcasts and conferences, marketing experts have also developed other resources that you can access at any time. These resources are hubs of information including focused guidance, data, and much more. Here are some digital resources to consider using to improve your content strategy.

  • Content Marketing Institute: Joe Pulizzi does more than podcasts, he also leads the Content Marketing Institute, which has a website dedicated to providing you with a host of content marketing resources. on the site you can find examples of exceptional content, tips, and research. Through the site, you can also get online access to CMI breakout session and keynote speakers from events.
  • HubSpot: Some digital resources help you improve your content marketing with hard data. HubSpot is one such resource. Its Marketing Hub software does everything from providing real-time SEO suggestions to helping you tailor your content audience to what your audience is already viewing. Unsure about investing in a software? That’s okay; HubSpot offers free demos so you can see if it’s worth your valuable resources.

There may not be one right way to do content marketing, but these resources will help you develop the high-quality content that your target audience deserves. If you utilize these resources and implement their guidance into your own content marketing strategy, you’ll quickly become a killer resource of your own.


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