Life is hard as a consumer. Every day we have thousands of ads forced down our throats, which makes choosing what to buy and from where exhausting. Fortunately, companies make the decision process a lot easier by the way they place and sell their products.

There are a lot of things a company can do to turn off a customer and leave them abandoning their cart. Here are a few annoyances I have encountered that have rendered companies unworthy of my purchase.

Slow Loading Pages

I hate waiting. The actual thought of me having to wait gives me anxiety (I blame BuzzFeed for my deteriorating attention span). If your website has slow loading speeds then I will most likely click out of it. If I am in a desperate need of your product or service I might stick around, but I won’t be happy about it.

Not only are slow loading pages annoying, they also make me nervous about my purchase. Did it go through? Or did the connection get lost? When I hit refresh, did I accidentally purchase the order again?

I may complete the purchase, but I won’t be back again.

No Pictures

If you don’t allow people to see your product, then don’t expect them to buy it. Make sure you have accurate images so you can showcase every aspect of it, as well as for people to know exactly what they’re buying. The worst thing in the world is receiving a product that looks different from the pictures you saw on the website. If I wanted products different from the pictures then I’d try online dating.

Companies that offer intangible products or services can still draw users in with unique visuals. The product pages have a lot to do with purchase decisions and presenting your services in a bland way can hurt sales.

Yes, I’m sure your products are great and can stand on their own, but a few images couldn’t hurt your marketing, either.

No Specification List

Having a specification list is just as important as having pictures of your product. Include as many useful details as possible, including dimensions, color, materials, and any other useful information that might assist the customer in making their decision.

Some companies might argue that listing out all of the little details is redundant or useless if they’re industry standard. This might be true, but your customers don’t know that. Not seeing these details will make customers think that you don’t offer them – which will send them right to your competition.

No Customer Reviews or Testimonials

I guess you can say I’m a follower. If I’m in the market for a new coffee maker, you better believe I’m going to look at user reviews to see which one is the most functional and fashionable (yes, I like my coffee maker up-to-date with today’s fashion trends). If I see that a product doesn’t have any customer reviews then I’m going to skip over it.

No Express Checkout

As you already know, I like things quick. I hate creating accounts on websites unless it’s absolutely necessary. To make the checkout process easier, allow for a guest checkout option. It’s perfect for those of us that are afraid of commitment and in a hurry.

Also, for those who do create accounts with your company, make the purchase process easier. Ask to save their credit card information and shopping history, so when they return, they don’t feel like first time users again.

Hidden Charges

A survey conducted by Econsultancy and TolunaQuick found that 74% of shoppers would abandon a purchase due to high delivery charges. Make all the information on the checkout page clear and concise. Not only will this make it easier on the person, but the transparency will help build consumer trust.

Questionable Payment Security

The Internet is a scary place. Credit card theft is lurking around every corner and it is important to stay on guard. Make sure you let your customers know that your website is secure by using well-known systems and discussing payment disclosures and confirmation numbers.

No-Hassle Return or Refund Policy

Sometimes things don’t work out accordingly, and when that happens it’s good to have a back-up plan. If I receive a product that I’m not crazy about, I want to be able to return it. Make my life easier by having clear return instructions and contact information. I don’t buy from companies that make returning their products difficult or impossible.

In order to get the best conversion rate and get your customer (meaning me) to the finish line, make sure you avoid making these mistakes.