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Does you blog seem to be missing something? Are you pouring a lot of effort and time into it and not getting the traffic you think it should? Maybe your blog is not appealing to your readers. There are many reasons that a blog can be unappealing and some of those reasons are easy to overlook. Here are some simple ways you can increase your blog’s appeal without having to start from scratch:

1. Topic focus

Many bloggers forget that a blog with too wide of a range will get lost in the crowd. Yes, it is great that you have a lot of knowledge and many interests, but if your blog is not focused you will lose your readers. Few readers are interested in everything, however a blog with a specific topic will appeal to the most readers while offending the least. An example would be a blog with a focus both on gardening and politics, many people are interested in one or the other. From the few that are interested in both you can easily lose them by making a misstep in either one. You are thereby limiting your readership and killing your traffic.

2. Audience focus

Once you have a topic set then you should focus in on your target audience. Who do you want your blog to appeal to? Thankfully in this day and age you have a wide range to choose from. Baby boomers to teens, everyone is online. Set your sights on a specific group and then target your blog at them. Like an archer aiming an arrow at a bull’s eye, you will reach your goals with ease.

3. Ad placement

One of the biggest issues I run across that make great blogs turn into reader rejects is ad placement. Yes, we all know you want to make money off your blog. However ads should be a seamless part of your blog and not a billboard covering it up. Pop up ads, float over ads, flashing banners and the like distract from your content and make readers run for the hills. Instead, place your ads in a way that they blend with your blog layout and the reader naturally accepts them as part of the terrain. Whatever you do avoid the noisy ads! They are a huge blog killer.


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4. Headers

When you have a lot of text on your blog it is very easy for readers to get overwhelmed and give up. One way to combat this is to use headers. Using headers or titles for different sections is a great way to break up complex blogs so that any reader knows where to go for the information they need. Headers can take many forms. New pages, sidebars, and blog posts can all use headers to identify the content and lead readers through the article.

5. Content flow

If content is the issue then read on. Many bloggers have great content on their site, the only problem is that no one reads it. One of the issues that stop readers from delving deeper in your blog is that your content flow is all off. You chop your content off on your main blog page or you link over with broken links or your content is so choppy and technical that readers just can’t get into it.

There are simple solutions to these issues. For one, always reread your content before you post to make sure it flows well and is easy to understand. Define any acronyms or technical terms for new readers. Verify that your links work and feel free to link within your blog. I love to read more in depth articles when I get into a blogger I really understand. However I am not going to hunt them down. Make it easy for your readers to find articles you have written that connect or build on one another.

6. List posts

Another way to make your content more appealing to readers and search engines alike is list posts. List posts are very appealing to readers because they can scan the post and read only the points that apply to them. This really helps as far as traffic goes. Also, lists help readers to know how long a post will be. For example a list of ten is going to be shorter than one that has one hundred points. Search engines like lists because people look for them. “Top Ten”, “Five Best” and so on are common search terms in almost every topic.

7. Lively content

Beyond just the mechanics of content however is the content of content. Are your blog posts funny? Helpful? Insightful? Persuasive? Make your blog posts something your audience would like to read for pleasure. You have a lot of competition out there, so make your blog stand out with great content in a new and different way. Maybe you are sarcastic or maybe you are motivational, whatever your writing strength is make it a signature part of your blog.

8. Images

Last but not least is the visual aspect. Not only should your blog be readable, i.e. no text the same color as the background, but your blog should also be visually appealing. One way to break up all the text is with images. You can find great stock photography online for free or for a very low price. You can even take your own pictures if you would like. However the point is to add color and interest to your blog. Images should be connected in some way to your blog content and ones that are funny, pretty or interesting are usually the best choices to capture readers’ attention.

Making your blog more appealing to readers does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Just make sure that your blog looks good, works well and your content flows. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Ken Myers, founder of Longhorn Leads, has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need; instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

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