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8 Types of Timely Content To Use in Your Campaigns


Published: September 13, 2021

Using timely content can be a strategic marketing approach for reaching more customers. As the name suggests, timing with this type of content is everything. You’re more likely to see results from timely content when its topics are top-of-mind with consumers or clients. It may also give your business the chance to “go viral” because of its ability to become very popular within a short period. You can use timely content for social media campaigns, blog posts, and other types of digital and print marketing.

8 Types of Timely Content

Here are eight different kinds of timely content you can incorporate into your strategy today:

1. Campaign or Product Launch

If you’re getting ready to launch a new campaign or product, that can be a great opportunity to use timely content. That’s because the launch itself lasts only for a short period. This allows you to build up anticipation of the launch and generate interest before it happens. Interesting ways to make campaign and product launches timely may be to encourage followers and subscribers to share their own stories, photos, or videos of experiences relating to the campaign topic. Another way is to use influencer content. ColourPop Cosmetics chose the latter option with its Fresh Kiss Lip Creme line launch.

2. Event

If you hold events for your company or brand, that’s another great way to share timely content. Similar to campaign and product launches, you have the opportunity to tease and promote the event in advance. You can also post exclusive material from the event itself. This type of content may include sign-up forms, articles about industry names or guests appearing, behind-the-scenes preparation content, or exclusive interviews and videos to complement the event.

The Lollapalooza music festival took advantage of this option when it announced the 2022 festival dates just a few weeks after the 2021 festival closed. It’s already promoting the next lineup with throwback videos and details about artists that may perform.


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3. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a fancy term for taking a timely, newsworthy topic and making it relevant to your brand. It’s become a popular content strategy over the past year and a half with the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon Web Services (AWS) found a cute way to newsjack the pandemic with its “Your Age” commercial. In the spot, a little boy explains to his sister how life was different when he was her age. He touches on topics like picking up the dog’s food, mom’s exercise classes, and dad’s cooking habits, and how they’ve changed in just a few years.

This is a clever way to show off all the services AWS provides and hope people could take advantage of them from home. This practice may boost your SEO, increase your social media engagement, and expand your brand reach by taking advantage of trending content.

4. Promotional

Having a sale? You can create timely content. Holding a giveaway, contest, or poll? Also a chance to use timely content. These types of promotions run for a finite amount of time. You can use them to generate as much interest as possible in that window to get as many respondents and engagements as you can. It works because people feel they’re getting something out of the deal, from discounts to prizes or bragging rights. Levin Furniture and Mattress held a giveaway on their social media platforms recently to create more engagement across the platforms.

5. Seasonal or Holiday

Seasonal content can change four times per year, depending on where your target audience lives or the location of your headquarters. You often gear seasonal content to winter, spring, summer, and fall. Though you may focus on other seasonal shifts, like allergy or hurricane seasons. Related to seasonal content, holiday content is most powerful right before and on holidays. The ones you promote may depend on your business, company culture, and where you live.

Many companies create content for national holidays, such as the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Others also use unofficial holidays called national days. These recognize smaller, fun topics like ice cream or pets. People may play on this timely content, especially on social media, to generate engagement. For example, Harper Kids made a social media post for Grandparents Day to showcase titles about grandchildren and their relationships with grandparents.


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6. Studies

Talking about newly release studies is also a form of timely content because study data can change quickly. A report about social media statistics and trends in March may differ from the same study results in April. We use this strategy from time to time at CopyPress when looking for blog topics. For example, last week I wrote about findings from a newly released study on social media habits.

7. Updates

Business updates are another type of timely content you can share on your website and social media. Updates can be anything from a change of hours, closing dates for the season, or new amenities at your stores. Even some of the information from other categories could serve as updates, like product launches and events. An example of this type of timely content is the countdown to the last day of the season for Frosty Cone ice cream shop.


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8. Year-End and New Year

Year-end and new year content are most popular in December and January near New Year’s Eve and Day. End content may consist of round-ups of the most popular or best-selling products or most liked photos. New content often focuses on resolutions, fitness, and yearly predictions. Many individuals and businesses use programs like Best Nine for Instagram on social media to collect their most popular photos from the year and share them as new content.


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