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March 4, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

All blogs want more traffic. It is a simple fact. By getting more traffic to your blog you get more interaction and in most cases more money. However getting higher traffic is often not easy. You can only go so far with basic principles before you start hitting a wall. Then you have two choices. Go the fast and easy route, namely paying for traffic via ads and promotions or going with fads that last a short time and then fade just as quickly, or you can go the slow and steady route that is organic and lasts. Yes, organic traffic is slower to build and create, but it can be maintained over time and does not vary as much with the fads as they come and go. Organic traffic is also productive traffic. It is targeted traffic. If this sounds like an approach that you would like to try, then read these tips to improve the organic traffic on your blog site:

1. What you sell

The first thing you should do before you ever get to thinking about your traffic is to figure out what exactly you are selling. Are you an information broker only? Do you want readers to click on ads? Do you want them to sign up for newsletters or emails? Do you have a product or service you are selling? What is your blog’s niche topic? What is the point of it all? You can only get truly targeted traffic if you know what you are selling. Everyone is selling something. An idea, a service, a product, information, whatever it is for you, you have to concentrate your efforts for the best success. Like an archer, you must keep your eyes on the target if you want to hit it. Otherwise all the bows and arrows in the world will not make you successful.

2. Who you are selling to

After you have figured out what you are selling, find out who you are selling it too. I know that sounds simple but it can be harder than you think. I like to remind myself of this with cartoons and games. My Little Pony is a popular cartoon that is supposed to be targeted to young female children. However it has become a big hit with teens and twenty something men. The same idea holds true with the Pokémon games. The biggest market for those games is older boys and men, surprisingly enough. However war games like Black Ops, which are targeted to that demographic, are very popular with younger boys. Sometimes it is less about whom you intended to target and who you actually get. Know who your real market is and try to find out why so that you can use that to your advantage.

3. Do your research

Speaking of target audiences, your best bet for accurate results is to do your research. How do you know who you need to target if you don’t do any research? Your gut feelings will not cut it here. It is easy to do research online. There are many programs, free and for a fee, which can make the search easy and simple while still being useful and accurate. Find out who your audience is by analyzing competitor’s traffic. Discover what they search for via search engine analysis and what they are interested in via social media analysis. There are many ways to find out the best avenues to exploit to get the traffic you want.

4. What’s in a name

Once you have done your research use it! I see it all the time. Bloggers do research, find out what they need to know and then go on their merry way, never using it. Why do research at all then? Instead, use the research to really refine what your blog does. Write about the topics that interest your target audience. Use keywords and phrases that they search for. Now, I am not advocating keyword packing. That will just get you in trouble. Instead, make keywords a part of your thinking process and use them naturally in your writing. You should also title your blog posts in a manner which makes them easy to understand, draws in readers, and also helps search engines to grab on to them. This can be done by naming your posts according to keywords and with active verbiage. An article entitled “Dog Treats” is boring and bland. One entitled “How to Bake Organic Treats for Your Dog” is interesting and informative. It also clarifies the target audience, dog owners that are concerned with organic or natural things. Although the audience you are targeting is smaller than dog owners in general, you are more likely to get the audience you really want that will click on your ads or buy your products.

5. Be human

Blogs are convincing because they are real and natural. That is the whole point. Anyone can sell you something, but a blog interacts with you and makes you want to buy the product or service. As a blogger your goal should be not to push something but to promote it. Be a fan of your product and service but in a natural way. Just like a real human being would, point out the weaknesses and flaws as well as the strengths. Make it seem like you are unbiased, even though we all know you can’t be, but a fair and balanced blog is much more persuasive than a straight sale.

6. The Golden Rule

“Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule is a good one to follow in every part of your life, and especially in your blogging. If you wouldn’t read it or buy it, what makes you think your target audience would? Make sure what you sell is worth what is being paid for it. Make your product or service something to be proud of and you will not only get more traffic via word of mouth, but you will be more motivated to promote it because it is something you really believe in. Everyone knows when you are full of bologna. Do not be a salesman. Instead, be an advocate and a fan of your product or service. It will go a long way towards increasing your traffic.

7. Foster interaction

Many bloggers forget that the target audience is people. People are naturally social and want to interact with others. I know that a comment area is often a space for spammers, but shutting down comments on your blog is not the answer. Instead, invest in a good spam blocker and foster real interaction. Comment on other blogs. Ask questions. Become friends with your audience. Share details and advice. The more interaction you have on your site the more information you can get about your audience and the better you can refine your tactics. Like getting to know your friends, you know what will work with them and what does not. While some audiences love the straight sale others want a more refined approach and yet others go for gimmicks and fun and games. It is all about getting to know your readers at a personal level and seeing what makes them tick.

8. Update regularly

Last but not least is the Holy Grail of organic traffic. Updating! It seems like a simple concept but I cannot tell you how many bloggers fail in this simple step and then do not understand why their traffic is fading away. Keeping your blog updated on a regular schedule is the number one key to success. Updating often allows search engines to keep your blog at the top of the results because newer is better. This also keeps your blog on your audience’s radar as you come up again and again on their reading list or in their emails. Updating your blog keeps it alive and thriving. No one is going to make a purchase from a blog that has not been updated in a year or even a few months depending on your market. By keeping your blog up you signify that your product is up to date as well and is something worth your time and effort. Do not let a blog die due to laziness and not updating. This is simple and easy to do!

Organic traffic is slow and it requires dedication and research, but it is not difficult. If you are really behind your blog and you want it to succeed in the long run then organic blogging is the way to go. Unlike other methods of SEO and traffic production organic methods do not have a cap or expiration date. They work well because they are so basic and real. Real effort makes for real, lasting results. If you are sick of fads and gimmicks then organic is the way to go.

Blogging was a natural progression for Allison once she graduated from college, as it allowed her to combine her two passions: writing and children. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with Nanny Classifieds. She can be in touch through e-mail allisonDOTnannyclassifiedsATgmail rest you know.

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