A Beginner’s Recipe for Blogging Success

Lauren Oliver


October 22, 2012 (Updated: October 19, 2023)

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You’ve just created a blog and your goal is to share your writings with all sorts of people and potentially make a name for yourself as a writer. Why not, right? You’ve earned your degree, you know the basics of the industry, and best of all, you enjoy it. In theory, this is a simple plan. However, to really, truly gain success as a blogger you must understand the actual blogs themselves and master the art of connecting with your audience. Today, I’ll be sharing a beginner’s recipe for blogging success.

Recipe for Blogging Success: Blog Types

There are several different types of blogs.  Your blog should be relative to you personally, or the topics that interest you. If you do not love what your blog is about, then no one else will either. Here are a few different types of blogs:

  • Interviews- Q& A of influential people
  • News- anything happening in our world
  • Lists- share ideas and organize concepts/ideas in lists
  • Lifestyle- write about things that interest your audience (trending topics)
  • How To- How to do something, giving tips step-by-step
  • Idea- write about ideas and share your opinions and perspective
  • Trend Spinning- when you take a trending topic and put your own fresh spin on it

Do Your Research

One of the most important things to do before writing content for your blog is research.  If you are writing a blog post for a client, be sure to visit their website and get a feel for their writing style, and their voice.  One good way is to read a few of the articles that have already been published on their blog. This way, you know the type of reader the client is targeting.  Also, make sure that you read all of the instructions the client has provided, so that you follow their style guides, image instructions, and overall requirements.

Google Reader Helps

When you have done your research and have settled on your topic, a good idea would be to set up a Google reader.  Google reader is a list capable of reading RSS feeds online or offline.  You can set it up easily; select your favorite websites or the topic you are currently working on and you will receive notifications from the highest rated websites related to your topic.

Create an Idea

When writing an article, you want to answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how—all in a single post.  Leaving unanswered questions will only discourage readers to subscribe to your blog. The goal is to build connections with the blogging community, and to build your audience.  Focusing on the essentials will help in supporting your ideas and providing your reader with solid and complete content.

Becoming a strong blogger takes time, commitment, and patience.  By putting these tips into action, you’re guaranteed to attract a great audience and establish yourself as blogger online.

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