A new site launched this past weekend, Isoosi.com, and I got a sneak peek three days prior to launch. The site is really a massive research engine and as I played with it I realized I would be using it often as a fast research tool for topics, competitive and demographic research.

I am going to break down multiple ways you can use this site for research and show you how you can quickly save the information you are interested in.

The Clipboard Function

Before you start using Isoosi you need to keep the clipboard function in mind:

When you are searching, all areas with URLs will have a clipboard image next to it. If you click this while researching it will save each URL and title to your clipboard.  You can see how the information is saved below:

This clipboard will save every page you are interested in for you and is a huge time saver. It can also be printed and emailed to others. When you are done researching you can see this clipboard by clicking “view Link Clipboard” in the upper right side of the website.

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I like Isoosi because I can do a lot of research in one place and I have the ability to save links I need quickly with the clipboard. I was able to avoid the back and forth that often comes with saving links and titles for research in Word, Notepad, DropBox etc. I also like the option of being able to immediately email or print my clipboard of information

Search Categories and Options

Below you can see the multiple search options you have for research purposes. I used the phrase “house painting tips” and was able to find information that was valuable to me from each option except for Wikipedia, and jobs. However, when I used other others terms those tabs fed be great information as well.

So now you have seen the overall search categories you have to choose from, but you can dig deeper with some of these categories.  So let’s look at how that can be done.


With the news you can search by news category/type (business, entertainment, health, etc.) and you can also search by location. The ability to search via location allows you to do some quick and easy International research on any topic. This is great for competitive research and demographic research as well.

Keep the clipboard function in mind when searching the news. Remember, it saves the title of the article and the link for you and can save tons of articles at one time.


You can do an overall Twitter search (while also having the ability to reply, favorite or retweet) and you can also search by users and location. When targeting demographics and researching audiences this is a quick and easy tool to use.


When searching with Facebook you have several options as well. I suggest you try them all see what data you get.

My initial “house painting tips” search of posts found nothing, but pages gave me some interesting data.


With Amazon you can search their main sales categories for anything related to your query and save it to your clipboard. This is a great and fast way research products, reviews, terminology and audiences.

Don’t forget that by reading reviews of products or competing products you gain a lot of information on the audiences you want to potentially target. What do they like? What do they dislike? What terminology do they use? How old are they?

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Content, Competitive and Demographic Research

One common theme I discuss often is not being sure what to write about. With this tool you can get a lot of ideas quickly.

  • You can see what Google and Bing show for topics
  • Use images to find related content
  • See what people are saying about a topic on social
  • Scan the news in many countries
  • Find related products and comments/reviews from Amazon
  • Get some info from Wikipedia
  • See what people offering jobs say about your topic

Those needing competitive data can use the Isoosi search function to find competing businesses and use all the other options to quickly keep up with competitors, their marketing strategies and services/products

For those of researching demographics and targeted audiences this is a great tool to use to keep an eye on things. I hope you find it as quick and easy to use as I did.

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