A Real Life Example of Meeting the Customer’s Needs: Do the Same in Your Content

Melissa Fach


October 9, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

In my time since I started writing for CopyPress I have repeatedly recommended that business owners meet the needs of their customers in their content by answering common questions/complaints from them and to educate the customer as much as possible to save the business time on Q&A related phone calls.

I am going to give you some real life examples of a recent experience with a local company and explain some of the reasons why I chose to work with them AND what things they told me that they could be using in their content marketing.

We Needed to Get Our House Painted: Who to Choose?

Let me start by saying that NONE of the websites I looked at sold me by even 60%. The truth is I ended up calling companies that had no negative reviews online and one that had a statement about a warranty online somewhere; this was my starting point. None of the websites told me everything I needed to know or answered many questions that I had.

One site had a decent Q&A section, but the rest of the site made me not want to pick up the phone. I actually excluded several businesses that had the exact same services/process list as their competitors because it was obvious by typos in their text that they were not the people that originally created the content.

If you can’t create your own unique content based on skills and experience why would I want you working for me?

I couldn’t blame the painting companies for not completely breaking down and explaining their process because it appeared that competitors were copying content. However, in a competitive space do you really have a choice?

Phone Calls, Chasing, and Professionalism

I started making phone calls and asking some questions. What I found was that some people needed me to chase them around. If I have to chase you to get a job I will most likely have to chase you to finish the job, so they were crossed off the list.

Some people didn’t seem to need the job, but a few painting companies were clearly interested. Professionalism mattered and I narrowed down my selection to three painting companies and eventually chose one based on a conversation that clearly showed experience (not content).

Tip: Whatever professionalism you show on the phone or in person should be mimicked in your content. If your website content is all Mickey Mouse-like,you are lucky if you even get a phone call. SELL ME through your content; help the customer eliminate other companies with your fabulous and informative content.

What Was Told to Me, but Was SADLY Missing in Their Content

The company I chose was the one that I read had a warranty online somewhere, but this valuable information is not on their website. Ouch! It should be. A page or article on the value of this warranty is information that could push a buyer over the edge and lead to a conversion.  I am going to explain some other things the company has failed to include and give some tips for service-based businesses.

Two Coats

The company I chose explained the importance of sealing, priming and using two coats of paint in person, but it wasn’t on their website? Why?

Some of their competitors had two coats mentioned on their websites! However, the competitors still lost the job because even though the words on the website sounded good, they couldn’t create the trust in person that I needed to have to invest in their services.

Tip: What you say on your website should be as clear and confident as the sales people are when speaking to customers in person. (read that over like three times)

Process and Misunderstandings

As I was signing my contract the man explained to me EXACTLY what was going to happen in order. He also explained that sometimes people got upset and confused about things so he wanted me to understand why the process occurred in this specific order.

One example, after pressure cleaning they are going to seal the house and the sealer is not the same paint color I chose so I shouldn’t freak out. I asked why people got upset and he explained sometimes people look out and see the wrong color and panic. Makes sense, right? Valuable information and creates trust!

Benefits: I know exactly what is going to happen and in what order when they paint my home. I even know the exact hours they will be working, for sure. No questions, no panicking, and I am informed (I like this). #TrustCreated

Tips: Put this type of information on your website! Explain things to customers to enhance their trust in you! You don’t have to have a public page if you are worried about competitors copying. Create a password protected page and send this to your customers so they have a clear understanding of your process. They can also share this information with family members that may not be at the initial meeting.

One other benefit, if they have forgotten anything they can just go look up the information and not waste your time with phone calls.

The Team: Bonded, Insured, Foreman

The company I chose has no independent contractors. The entire crew is employed, trained, bonded and insured, but guess what? That is not on their website! To me, this is a huge selling point and would be beneficial on the website. There is also going to be a foreman on site the entire time that they want me to speak to about any concerns I have. Good to know. Again, not on their website.

Tip: If you have complete team that is trained, bonded and insured brag about it! It is a huge selling point!

Paint Specialist

A paint specialist has come out and discussed paint colors, stain for the pool deck and much more. He, in one day, came and put colors we discussed on the wall for me to determine if I like them. None of this information is on the website!

I didn’t even know this person was an option/feature/service because everyone else told me that I chose the paint color and they painted. This “paint specialist” is great information that should be available on a website.

This may be a standard service, but guess what? I have never had someone paint my home before so I didn’t know and others don’t know it so put it on your website!

Tip: If you offer something that could be useful to your customers, in anyway, put it on your website! Whatever it is that you offer that could help a buyer chose you over a competitor should be on your website. You don’t have to tell all your secrets! Just tell give enough that people want to pick up the phone and call you!

To Sum Up

What I want all businesses to understand is that in most cases people will choose and eliminate businesses due to the website content.

The information you provide is in your content and your content can make or break a sale. The benefits you offer should be in your content. The special and unique things your business has to offer SHOULD be in your content.

Take some time to review your content. What do you say in person that you haven’t said in your content? What could be in your content that could start creating trust and potentially end up in a sale? What information to buyers want that you forgot to add to your website? These are just a few questions to ask yourself. No stop reading this and go review your content…

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Melissa Fach

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