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An Animated Infographic About Animated Infographics

Infographic Example

Is your audience bored by the static infographics you share on your blog? Do you wish your brand could stand out more against the sea of images most people scroll past casually throughout the day? It’s time to break from the norm and invest in animated infographics, the graphics that catch your audience’s attention and hold it through your entire message.

At CopyPress, we decided the best way to talk about animated infographics is with an animated infographic. We worked with our design team to create the visual below highlighting some of our favorite infographic features. We dove into various topics related to these infographics, including the psychology behind consumer behavior, audience learning styles, and internet demand.

Customer Psychology

Did you know that 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual? People often follow the path of least resistance when it comes to learning. Instead of reading about or listening to a message, audiences want to see information quickly and digest what you have to say.

By tapping into visual cues, you’re taking the work out of learning about your brand. Plus, the bright, moving images capture the brain’s attention, making it more likely to remember the information and focus on what you have to say.

Test this theory on yourself. As you read our infographic, notice where your eyes move and what information you focus on and remember a few minutes later.

Human Learning Styles

The human brain is wired to intercept visual cues, which is why it comes as no surprise that 65 percent of the population is comprised of visual learners. From elementary school on, students don’t want to sit in stuffy classrooms and listen to lectures; they want to see what they’re learning and study it with their own eyes.

The same can be said about your target audience. They want to see your message in action, whether through a product visualization or chart proving your product’s efficacy.

Internet Demand

Historic human behavior will dictate how we interact with digital tools in the future. For example, our love of visual cues and movement has created a massive market for video content. By 2019, almost 80 percent of all web traffic will be video-related. This includes animations, gifs, and video clips used to emphasize a message.

If your brand isn’t taking advantage of visual video content, then your brand will get left behind in the pre-internet dark ages. Audiences want visual cues and action with their messages so they can easily understand what they’re being told. Visual cues make your content more interesting and engaging for customers.

These are just three topics of conversation you can discover about animated infographics. Check out our design below to see why this marketing tactic is so engaging and why it’s poised to take over the internet in the next few years.

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