An Introduction to CopyPressed Newsletter & CopyPress Webinar Series


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

― Dr. SeussI Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

One of the central focuses for the retreaded CopyPress is education. Soon we will be rolling out comprehensive tutorial programs on content creation for both our contractor community, and readers.  Along with these tutorial style education portals, we are also working to establish our blog CopyPressed as the premier online content lifecycle publication.

When we reimagined our content strategy for the company, we realized two things we had failed at over the previous three years:

  1. We weren’t creating valuable content specifically for our brand loyalists and customers.
  2. We weren’t providing a good resource for these same brand loyalists and customers to tap into our network of thought leaders.

To take care of these holes in our content creation process, we are rolling out our CopyPressed Newsletter and CopyPress Webinar Series.

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CopyPressed Newsletter

The CopyPressed Newsletter will showcase our blog’s best content and feature the month’s top links from our daily Fresh Pressed link recap. This newsletter will make it easy for readers to stay current with the best content from the month directly from their inbox. Our newsletter will start out as a monthly publication and likely grow in frequency as our subscriber base expands.

We also plan on featuring two in-depth articles a month in the newsletter. These articles will focus on high quality, in-depth writing that lends itself more to newsletter format rather than a blog style publication.  This will include one case study a month with findings that are actionable for marketers and content creators alike.

Other benefits of signing up for our newsletter will include:

  • Availability of white papers
  • First access to our FREE Social Grader tool once it becomes registration based
  • Access to discounts on our products and partner products
  • Registration into our monthly Infographic giveaway
  • Invites and discounts to our invite only events

CopyPress Webinar

Our webinar series will kick off on August 22nd with us exploring the topic of managing large-scale internal content programs. Our guests will include Melissa Fach, Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal and Frank Reed, Managing Editor of Marketing Pilgrim. They will share information on how they handle the task of constant ideation and writer management, as well as the tools and strategies that make their job easier.

Our focus with this series is to bring conference quality sessions to you monthly. I have been involved with a number of conferences and have even been involved with putting a few on, and the reality is that not everyone gets a chance to be involved with offsite events.  In our series, we want to recreate and offer the learning potential that is available at the best conferences at a cost that works for everyone, FREE.

Our other focus with the webinar series is to bring fresh topics and perspectives into the industry.  As we perfect this series and see how the demand evolves, we will likely grow the offering.

If you sign up for the webinar, we will automatically sign you up for the CopyPressed newsletter and all of its benefits.


We want a ton of feedback on these two content offerings. We are putting these together for the community, and we don’t want to produce content that is of no use.  We hope these initiatives will help the professional development of our community, and establish CopyPress as the leading source of marketing content.

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