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December 20, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

At CopyPress, we are highly aware that high quality takes time, especially when it comes to connections. In the connections portion of the content life cycle we really focus on quality of the content we’re writing, the quality of the sites we’re posting on, and the amount of quality engagement after the post. All three of these important factors are not done quickly, and cannot be rushed.


How does CopyPress ensure quality in content?

  • Ideation: Is the topic fresh? Or is it one that’s been beaten to death? Always bring a new idea to the table. If you’re going to recycle an already done topic, make sure you bring a new spin to it in order to gain reader interest.
  • Organization: Are thoughts scattered through the article? If so, you need to work on getting your points divided up into sensible sections that allow the reader to follow easily.
  • Voice: Does the content have a clear voice and personality? Or is it all just regurgitated junk? Each article needs to be unique and have a voice so the reader is able to connect.
  • Word Count: Does the article have enough meat to it? Quality content needs to be a little bit longer but ONLY if the content is valuable and resourceful to the reader. No fluff.
  • Research: Does the article contain some raw data? Statistics? Studies? It’s okay to bring your opinions to the table but some data to back it up with always help.
  • Images: Does the article contain relevant images to each sub topic? Or pointless images used throughout just to make sure you have enough? Less might be more if you’re going to include poor and unrelated images. Choose wisely.

Analyzing Target Domains

A good way to start to analyze of a site is too look at the facts, the metrics, the figures that represent how this site ranks in SEO. After you gather this info, it’s best to dig deeper and take a closer look at the site to see its true colors—is the content on the page well written? Are there ads everywhere? Are there any signs or clues that English is the not their first language? This is where you’ll need to put your snooping skills to work.

What does CopyPress consider a “quality” site?

  • Alexa: Anywhere from 2 million and below. Our top quality will be anything under 250,000.
  • DmR: 4+
  • Content on site: Well written, no signs of non-native english speaking writers, valuable and resourceful content.
  • GEO: This will depend on the connections you’re trying to make, CopyPress focuses on US sites with the exception of geo specific projects. We look at the IP address and content on the page (blog posts, contact us page, about page, etc.) to get the best idea of where this site is located.
  • PR: We only focus on sites with a pagerank for 2+ and top quality sites will have a pagerank of 5+.
  • Ads: Is the site bombarding you with advertisements? Are they on every single post? Is there a bunch of pop-ups? If so, the quality will suffer. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand going onto websites that lock me down with ads the moment I arrive to their homepage.
  • Bad Keywords: We steer clear of sites that mention anything of the site owner receiving compensation for posts. We do not pay for posts and do not want to be associated with sites that accept pay for posts.  Therefore, we search the site for these indicators prior to establishing the connection. Some of these keywords will be, “sponsored, on behalf of, disclosure, disclaimer, may receive compensation for posts and advertisements,” etc.

Published Content

What makes a live post a “good post”?

  • Engagement
    • Social shares: We want to post on sites that have a strong following that will want to share our article once it’s published.
    • Comments:  Does the blog have history of strong engagement? Or does it look like no one ever visits the site?

How does CopyPress classify sites?

  • Authority Driver
    • PR: Greater than or equal to 2
    • Alexa: Less than or equal to 250,000
    • DmR:  Greater than or equal to 5
  • Attention Driver
    • PR: Greater than or equal to 2
    • Alexa: Less than or equal to 250,000
    • DmR:  Greater than or equal to 4
  • Traffic Driver
    • PR: Greater than or equal to 2
    • Alexa: Less than or equal to 750,000
    • DmR:  Greater than or equal to 3
  • Budget Driver
    • PR: Greater than or equal to 2
    • Alexa: Less than or equal to 200,000,000
    • DmR:  Greater than or equal to 2

How do we find this information out?

  • Utilizing our Quality Tool
    • Tier  Level
  • Checking for Quality Issues
  • Checking RSS Feeds

Go with your gut: Does the site just look bad? Do you feel like the overall appearance and content does not match up to their metrics? If yes, then it’s safe to say that the quality is lacking and you need to move on and find one that does meet the criteria.

What did we learn here? Besides working with CopyPress to score our super cool tools and reporting systems. Quality takes time when building superior connections. You want to supply valuable content for quality websites and make sure that the live article is getting the proper social attention that it deserves.

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