For some businesses summer can be slow and for others summer time is a big money maker. Could summer be a money maker for you if you made an effort with content marketing?

All Businesses Should Be Preparing Content For Summer NOW

I don’t care what kind of business you are in, all businesses should be focusing now on Summer needs in their content marketing. To start, ask yourself what services does your business offer that could be useful for people during the Summer? You might think there is nothing, but let’s look at some examples:

  • Pest Control – Preparing now for pesky Summer bugs.
  • Pool Cleaning – How to keep your pool “kid friendly” all summer.
  • Travel – Then top 5 things you need to know about visiting X,Y and Z.
  • SEO – Using slow summer hours to audit your website/SEO or dig deeper into analytics.
  • Car Detailing – Protect your leather in the hot summer heat.
  • Electronic Repairs – Products and tips for protecting your electronics from heat and rain this summer.
  • Printing – Using postcards as coupons to pull in restaurant customers this summer.
  • In-Home Construction – 5 reasons Summer is the best time to redesign your bathroom.
  • Ice Cream Shop – 3 ways you can save on ice cream treats with us this summer.
  • Dermatologists – 10 ways to protect your skin while swimming, hiking, golfing and boating this summer.

All businesses should examine what need or desire they can appeal to and start writing about it. If your business slows down over the Summer start planning now on how to avoid it. Can you offer “Summer Deals”? Can you convince a family to redesign their bathroom over the summer when the kids are not in school? Find a need and meet it.

Start working on ideas and strategies right now, ask yourself this:

  • What are my goals?
  • Who are my audiences?
  • What services could they use this Summer?
  • Which topics do I focus on now so people can plan ahead to use them?
  • What do I need to say to convince people that my services are really needed or could be a big benefit?
  • When will I publish? And, what follow up posts will I create and when will I publish those?
  • How will I share and spread this information?


All businesses should blog on their own sites and offer ideas to potential clients to convince them that their services are needed and/or useful. These blog posts can be shared socially, emailed to friends or distributed in newsletters — online and off-line, placed in shopping bags or printed and left in sitting areas or counters at a business.

Reading material is reading material so if you have a friend with a business where people are sitting around waiting for services or appointments, ask them to place your printed “educational” information next to their magazines (quality printing & informative articles are a must for this).

If you are guest blogging on other sites, make sure you are linking to something on your own site that supports whatever concept you are discussing in the blog article. If you are discussing benefits of tiling a bathroom over the summer make sure it links to a “Summer Tile Deal” or other related tips on your site.


There are a ton of businesses out there that could use infographics to provide good educational tips while also branding their services. Here is an example from a pest control company, Dangerous Spider Identification. Or for a furrier example: A Guide to Understanding Catnip.

Both of these infographics offer something educational while branding the company. You can do the same thing for your business. Infographics are a waste of time if they offer nothing of value. You have to do some research and planning to reach your target demographics with both valuable content and design.

The goal of your summer infographics is to reach specific audiences in a way that will help bring in business for your company. See what the experts think makes a great infographic here.

In Summary…

Get to work! You have a lot of research and planning to do. You can reach your target audiences this summer and ensure that business stays steady. Good Luck!