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Author - Ashley Bryant

Where Should I Post a Video on My Website?

When used in the right places video media can be a HUGE asset for your company, it can both grow your brand and generate leads. It’s a great tool for […]

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Types of Spammers that Can Ruin Your Marketing Campaign

With the creation and increasing popularity of social networking sites, a new monster has reared its ugly head. Well, I guess “new” isn’t the right way to describe it; let’s […]

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Outreach: Using a Blog Roll as a Networking Tool

Outreach is about making connections and forming lasting relationships with bloggers. Once a relationship is formed with a blogger, the next step is to expand the network. One way to […]

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General vs. Niche Outreach

One of the first steps in forming an outreach plan is determining who you pitch to. When choosing an approach, there are two roads that you can travel along: general […]

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