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Where to Use Infographics and Where to Leave Them Out


Content marketing has been exploding in popularity in recent years, and an entire industry has risen up around SEO. As time goes on, it seems like every business out there […]

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Creative Spotlight: Beating Writer’s Block

It happens to the best of us — you sit down to write and realize fifteen minutes later that all you’ve done is stare at a blank screen. In many […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: In Internet We Trust; These Search Myths You Can Bust

A lot of information about ranking high on search engines is available on the Internet, but not all of them can guarantee the success of your online marketing campaign. While […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: Be a Keyword Nerd

Keywords are considered as the bread and butter of SEO. If not for keywords, your website would be stale, lowering your chances of being visible to your target market. There […]

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The Rise of Search Engines: A Brief History of the Web’s Most Essential Tool

The search engine is arguably one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Without it, we’d be forced to wander through the depths of the Internet without a […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: SEO Won’t Completely Go Away; Follow These 5 Tips Still Important Today

Every business that plans to promote its products or services online should incorporate search engine optimization into its long-term growth strategy. Regardless of the nature or size of your business, […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: Update Your Marketing Strategy with These 10 Tips on PPC

The tools people use to post content on the Internet continuously change to cater the increasing demand of “frictionless” sharing. Nowadays, users don’t just digest content from search engines—they are […]

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How to Craft a Clever Call-to-Action for Maximum Lead Generation Potential

What’s the most important copy on your webpage? It’s not the introduction. It’s not your “About Me” page. It’s not even your product description page. It’s your call-to-action page. Your […]

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How to Build Links to Your Website for SEO, Traffic and Response [Infographic]

Getting quality websites to link to you is not always an easy feat. Sure, there are shortcuts that you can take, but those usually end up doing more harm than […]

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How Social Seeding is Like the Common Cold

Let’s face it: the Internet is a pretty sick place. In fact, a new pandemic sweeps the world every week. Right now, we’re facing the “What I Really Do” epidemic: […]

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