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Author - Amanda Dodge

Your Guide to Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing guide

For years, marketers chased the customer purchase as the end-game in the sales process. As long as a customer made a purchase, the marketing team did its job and could […]

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How and Why to Add Variety to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to diversify your content marketing strategy.

When people think about content, they tend to focus on the copy. Website and social media copy is easy to create, doesn’t cost a lot, and follows a tried-and-true method […]

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How to Cheaply Develop Personas & Enhance Your Content Marketing

Develop personas to enhance your content marketing

We live in the digital era, and marketers are now data managers, analysts, and scientists. While creativity still plays an important role in our field, modern marketers research customers, learn […]

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Content Optimization: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about content optimization

The content creation process is only the first step in your content marketing journey. How you present your content and drive people to your pages can have a significant impact […]

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YouTube Best Practices 101

Youtube Icon

YouTube is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers. From candid interviews with the CEO to compilations of video from the field, YouTube is the ideal option for filming […]

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An Animated Infographic About Animated Infographics

Infographic Example

Is your audience bored by the static infographics you share on your blog? Do you wish your brand could stand out more against the sea of images most people scroll […]

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Creating Content for a Mobile-Focused World

Phone and App

The discussion around mobile optimization tends to surround the technical aspects of the web experience. Experts discuss tips like reducing bulky code or using tag managers instead of firing dozens […]

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White Paper Release: How Video Marketing Has Changed Online Content


Video marketing has become an essential tool for any content creator. Videos are popular across all channels, industries, and demographics, making them as valuable as your website copy and blog […]

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White Paper Release: The Art of Publisher Outreach

People sitting

Publisher outreach can be an intimidating strategy to first-time marketers. You have to get over your fear of rejection and persist until you get a response. If you’re used to […]

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6 Tips for Content Marketing Success

Computer and phone

Many marketing professionals want to create great content and know they need to create great content to succeed. However, content marketing success eludes them. No matter what they seem to […]

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