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Author - Anna Sonnenberg

Creating a Good Infographic on Boring Topics

Computer and Desktop

One of the biggest perks of infographics is that this type of visual content can transform even mundane topics into fascinating narratives. Since infographics seamlessly blend eye-catching visuals with short […]

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Infographic Flowchart Templates


Whether you need to explain a complex process or a lengthy series of steps, using an infographic flowchart can be a smart solution. By combining text-based questions and answers with […]

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Writing Catchy Headlines and 50 Samples to Use as a Template

Typing on Computer

If you tend to view writing catchy headlines more as an afterthought than as a key component of your content strategy, it’s time to reconsider. Headlines can make or break […]

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6 Email Automation Strategies to Try Today

New Email Message on Computer

Email marketing is an essential component of robust digital marketing strategy, but not every brand email you send has to be part of a regular newsletter or one-off promotion. Automated […]

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7 Next-Level Strategies for Growing Your Subscriber List

Computer Email

Building an email subscriber list is a smart way for brands to drive sales, encourage customer loyalty, and build brand awareness. Creating an email list doesn’t automatically attract subscribers, however. […]

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The Lifespan of Social Media Content


Compared to the blog posts, long-form articles, and white papers that you publish on your website, most of the content you post on social media platforms has a remarkably short […]

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Google’s Page Speed Update

Google Webpage

When you want to make your brand as visible as possible, staying on top of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is essential. Google’s January 2018 announcement regarding updates […]

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AI In Advertising: What You Need to Know


Changing technology has radically altered advertising best practices over the past few decades. From the emergence and dominance of digital media to shifting consumer tastes and styles, the rapid change […]

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6 Tips for Auditing Your Brand’s Instagram


Instagram can be a fantastic platform for building brand awareness, launching products, and generating sales. To achieve your Instagram objectives and get the most out of this social platform, you’ll […]

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How and Why to Use Facebook Stories for Your Brand

Person and Ideas

If your brand hasn’t started using Facebook Stories yet, you aren’t alone. Still a relatively new feature, Facebook Stories has only been available for pages since late 2017. Find out […]

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