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Content Content Writing: No, Not Everyone Can Do It

People love to say, “Oh, you write blog posts for a living? I could do that!” While writing is something most people do on a daily basis, even if it’s just texting, content writing is a specific set of skills that not everyone has. Before you hire...

25 Oct 2017

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Content To Improve Your Content, Improve Your Customers

We’ve all seen how advertising works at its most basic: the product isn’t really what’s for sale. What you buy is how your life will improve if you use the product. The most common version of this is the “sex sells” adage, but you can see it...

14 Jul 2017

Content Savage Content, Fam: Is Slang Appropriate in Content Marketing?

Using slang comes so easily to young people, and if that’s how they like to communicate, why shouldn’t brands use it, too? The question is complicated, because lots of brands do use slang with mixed results. But using slang is more complicated than you probably think it...

26 May 2017

Content Creation Do You Maintain Your Evergreen Content?

You’ve heard of evergreen content. The topics don’t change and are always relevant in some way, which means you don’t have to update it, right? Not necessarily. Though evergreen content doesn’t expire the way seasonal, news, and statistics-based content does, you can’t write it and forget about...

26 Apr 2017

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