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Author - Angela Lucas

Smart Goals to Set for Your Social Media Campaign

While social media is a great resource for marketers to produce significant business results, it isn’t as easy as just setting up a Facebook account and sharing a few pictures […]

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Google+ Pages vs. Communities

Recently Google has been implementing many changes to improve Google+. The two most recent features on Google+, Pages and Communities, have been used as marketing tools for businesses, products, brands […]

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Challenges (and Solutions) for Companies with Little to No Marketing Budget

Marketing budgets are on the rise as more and more brands are emerging and developing innovative ideas and products. In order to keep up with competitors, companies have been focusing […]

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Underutilized LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

LinkedIn? More like LinkedOut! This vast website has become the top business network in the world. With more than 135 million users, LinkedIn has been acting as a digital agent […]

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YouTube vs Vimeo: Which Platform is the Top Contender

If you or your company is trying to determine which website should house your video media, then look no further than my breakdown. I’ll help you decide which site offers the […]

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How Video Content Can Enhance Your Online Presence

Lights. Camera. Action… Post to YouTube. This has been considered the best method to get the word out if you are developing a brand, creating awareness, or just feeling creative. […]

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Optimizing Your Keywords for Social Media Platforms

Social media has started a new generation of the way people connect across the globe.  Since the cavemen, human-beings have been using some form of communication. Three million years later […]

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