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Image of a newspaper reading "Press Release"; concept for press release in content marketing.
Content Creation The Content Marketer’s Guide to Press Releases

PR practitioners have won in the SERPs. A quick search asking “Is the press release dead?” returns several articles defending press releases and advocating for their use in modern media. The press release is alive and well – when used correctly. Here’s a guide for content marketers...

30 May 2013

Content Creation CopyPressed Weekly Newsletter: What You Missed

Each Friday we send out a weekly newsletter that features an exclusive article that can’t be found on the blog. Here’s the article that was featured two weeks ago: 7 Reasons Why eBooks Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy Writing an eBook can seem daunting if...

17 May 2013

Content Creation Bing Starts Ranking for Klout Experts

At the end of last year we predicted that search engines would continue favoring genuine human experts instead of specific websites. Fast forward to present day where everyone is focusing on Author Rank. Google wants to cut through websites that use SEO tricks to get a high...

9 May 2013

asian woman reading a paperback book in bed and following the rules to attract new readers
Authority Building 21 Ways to Attract New Readers and Keep Them Coming Back

Doesn’t it feel great when you check your website or blog analytics and see that you’re attracting tons of new visitors? But when you look at your returning visitor count and it’s so low in comparison, that feeling can rob the excitement you had just moments earlier....

27 Apr 2013

Content Creation 11 Ways to Improve Email Acquisition

In a world where we’re more attached to our inboxes than ever, email campaigns are a professional way to share content and provide offers to potential clients. Newsletters are longer than social media posts and don’t get buried by the competition as quickly. Once you have the...

18 Apr 2013

Content Creation 11 Essential Features to Look For When Choosing the Ideal Project Management Solution

It sounds like be a scene from The Office: a business owner or CEO tries to find the perfect project management tool only to miss all of his or her deadlines because they were too busy testing new apps to actually get work done. There are a...

10 Apr 2013

Content Creation Companies Must Tell Customers What They Are Doing with their Data

Consumer transactions are no longer as simple as exchanging goods for cash. Even mom-and-pop shops are trying to harvest as much information as possible to bring back customers and target successful demographics. Without realizing it, we as consumers leave behind a trail of personal information wherever we...

4 Apr 2013

Graphic of a closeup view of a computer keyboard button reading "ebook" with a book icon. Concept for ebook marketing strategy.
Content Creation 7 Reasons Why eBooks Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Writing an eBook can seem daunting if you’ve never done one before, but they can be extremely effective for attracting and engaging new leads. No matter what your budget is or what industry you’re in, consider an eBook when developing your marketing plan. Here are seven reasons...

2 Apr 2013

Content Creation More Facebook Ads are Bad for Users and Marketers

Over the past few months Facebook has announced a plethora of changes. We’ve stalked our friends with graph search, overanalyzed potential Timeline changes and lamented the lack of targeted advertisements on the News Feed. What? You don’t agree with that last one? Well too bad. Facebook has...

1 Apr 2013

Content Creation 4.5 Tips for Developing a Social Media Crisis Plan

Last week, EA kept its cool under PR pressure with a series of blog posts about the failed SIMCity launch. Angry consumers are increasingly turning to social media platforms to demand answers when brands are in hot water. Despite this movement to social media, only 58% percent...

27 Mar 2013

Content Creation Social Media Employment Discrimination Laws: Coming to a State Near You

Legislation about employers that request usernames and passwords for social media sites has been creeping across America since the start of 2013. 32 states have at least one bill working around their respective houses or senates, while most have at least two or three.  The laws tackle...

22 Mar 2013

Closeup stock image of highlighter highlighting the word "Optimize." Concept for ways to optimize for search.
Content Creation Optimize for Search: How To Get the Most Out of Your Content

Search Rankings aren’t just for SEO professionals anymore. Writers, Designers and Content Creators are all looking to improve their visibility and make the most of their content. After all, what’s the point of producing amazing works if no one ever sees them? Check out our 22 tips to optimize...

21 Mar 2013

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