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Author - Angela Stringfellow

Quantity vs. Quality: What’s More Important for Your Content Strategy?

When it comes to content strategy, some publishers think the key is to push as much content out across the web as you possibly can. This is true, but it should be carried out with a strong emphasis on quality.

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Step Away from the Sales Pitch and Give Customers What They Want- Content with Value

I’ve worked with many clients who insist that their copy needs to be extremely persuasive, pushy and in-your-face sales-y. Sometimes, these clients can be educated that the best way to connect with a customer is by providing value. In other cases, unfortunately, there’s no talking them out of the hard sell approach.

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Kick Your Content Strategy Up a Notch Using Curation

Content creation versus content curation: which is better? While content creation used to be the gold standard in journalism, new media has made it possible to create killer content through curation. Sometimes, content produced using a solid content curation strategy can actually be more informative than original creative.

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Why a Content Strategist Will Make Your Life Easier

Who’s in charge of your content strategy? Ask many small businesses this question and you’ll probably get answers like, “Me,” “my administrative assistant,” or “my top sales person.” The correct […]

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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Hybrid? It Should Be!

A solid content strategy combines the best of three worlds: search engine optimization (SEO), public relations and marketing. Alone, each is a fundamental process for advancing a business’ brand awareness and market share. With the move to digital media, the three functions have become so interwoven that it’s nearly impossible for one to exist without the others. And it’s based almost exclusively on a quality content strategy.

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Nailing Down Trending Topics for Blog Content

Coming up with fresh new content for a blog day in and day out can get tough, especially if you’re blogging in a tight niche. Call it blog writer’s block, blogger burnout or whatever you choose, but it’s a real epidemic affecting hundreds of bloggers every day. The good news: There’s help for this condition!

Blogs are incredibly powerful social tools. They provide a way for you to connect with your audience or customer, establish your authority or thought leadership in your area of expertise, and they offer tremendous SEO value. Aspiring bloggers dream of the day when their blog content is shared hundreds of times on Twitter and Facebook. If you know how to nail down trending topics, this can happen for you, too. Here are a few helpful techniques for nailing down hot topics for your blog.

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