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Author - Alexandra Shostak

5 Secrets to Discovering Customer Pain Points

Many businesses create a product by discovering a need or a hole in the market and filling it with a product. That works wonderfully for inventing a new product or […]

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The 6 Essential Things Your Product Copy Lacks

I’m trying to sell you a pair of running shoes. I could tell you about the great synthetic rubber of the soles, the arch support, or the aerodynamic design with […]

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Content Writing: No, Not Everyone Can Do It

People love to say, “Oh, you write blog posts for a living? I could do that!” While writing is something most people do on a daily basis, even if it’s […]

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To Improve Your Content, Improve Your Customers

customer walking up blocks

We’ve all seen how advertising works at its most basic: the product isn’t really what’s for sale. What you buy is how your life will improve if you use the […]

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Savage Content, Fam: Is Slang Appropriate in Content Marketing?

Using slang comes so easily to young people, and if that’s how they like to communicate, why shouldn’t brands use it, too? The question is complicated, because lots of brands […]

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Do You Maintain Your Evergreen Content?

You’ve heard of evergreen content. The topics don’t change and are always relevant in some way, which means you don’t have to update it, right? Not necessarily. Though evergreen content […]

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Keep Scope Creep From Being Bad for Business

Planning a business project is tricky; sometimes they stick relatively closely to the plan you created, while other times they seem to develop another head and go careening off in […]

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What Kind of Content Does Your Business’s Blog Need?

Conduct a Google search about great blog content, and you’ll find tons of articles discussing different types of quality content to put on your business’s blog. What you’ll find a […]

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Communication Mishaps Between Clients and Creatives

Communication between clients and creative freelancers does not always go smoothly. A lack of a shared vocabulary, differences in communication style, and the vagaries of the creative process sometimes impede […]

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Creative Spotlight: Know Your Audience: Voice and Content Creation

The way to think about where voice and content creation intersect is to consider audience: the audience you have, and the audience you want. From the blog and video topics chosen, […]

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