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Author - Chelsea Harrigan

4 Reasons Why It Is Time to Outsource Your Content Marketing

outsource inhouse

Whether you are an agency, small business, or large business, there is always a need for content marketing. A few years ago when content marketing was just up and coming, […]

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Hot Trends Expected to Run Content Marketing in 2017

We have come to the time of year where it is important to stop and review our industry trends.  We analyze which strategies are working and which aren’t, all while […]

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5 Tips on How to Collect Quality Client Feedback

While working on a campaign for a client you should always have one goal in mind, exceed their expectations. On the other hand, that customer also has one goal in […]

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How to Successfully Scale Content in the Travel Space

The ongoing debate in content marketing discussing quality versus quantity isn’t subsiding any time soon, as it shouldn’t. It is important to understand both angles of this debate and look […]

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From Branded Content to Content Brands

When you hear or read the words “content marketing,” what comes to mind? Most would start with the obvious contenders of blog posts, original landing page copy, or whitepapers.  That […]

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7 Best Practices to Creating a Killer Content Schedule

Content Schedule

Need help creating content? Give CopyPress a try! Click to get started! If you aren’t up to speed in the blog era yet, it’s probably time you start. Creating a […]

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The 2015 Content Marketing Awards: Brands that are Early Favorites

As we are well over the hill in 2015, today’s leading brands are striving to use every trick in the book in order to top some of the year’s leading campaigns. […]

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Five Types of Content that are Changing the Digital Marketing Game

Unique content

When it comes to digital marketing in this day and age, content means everything. Today’s content isn’t a standard five hundred word blog post with stock photos and a call […]

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Marketing Parodies: Their Idea, Your Viral Fame

Most marketers can name off at least 10 pieces of viral content – and we’re not talking about Oreo or Ellen. Viral marketing is any strategy that naturally encourages viewers […]

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There’s a Human Behind That Twitter Account

Today’s consumers are looking for any way to express their opinions and how they “just can’t handle,” or “could die for,” any particular brand or product. This release of expression […]

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