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Author - Chelsea Harrigan

Brands that Missed Their Chance at Super Bowl XLVIII

Attracting attention to an advertisement or commercial comes way too easy during the Super Bowl each year.  Sunday night’s Super Bowl attracted 111.5 million viewers throughout the game. That’s more […]

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For The Love of Football: How Corporate Sponsors Are Staying in the Game

‘Tis the season for college football and bowl game madness. With extra media and television exposure brings forward brand awareness and money, a lot of money. There are veteran brands […]

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Creative PR Strategies for Your CEO

It’s time to face the facts: traditional marketing has changed drastically throughout the past 10 years. It’s easier to see these changes when you work solely with digital marketing trends […]

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Fighting Breast Cancer: 6 Brands that Look Good in Pink

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full force and it’s safe to say that companies are going above and beyond their previous years astonishing contributions. This cause sits close […]

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Five SlideShare Presentations Done Right

SlideShare is a creative way to optimize and enhance your presentations through visuals, simplicity, and shareability popular in today’s social media era. In order to effectively demonstrate successful SlideShare presentations, you […]

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Ways to Save a Floundering Blogger Relationship

The most discouraging part about working with bloggers is when a relationship just ceases to exist. Similar to a personal relationship, it’s difficult to make a mutual connection right away […]

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