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Authority Building The Power of Podcasting for Subject Matter Experts (With Karl Hughes of The Podcast Consultant)

Written by: Karl Hughes, CEO of The Podcast Consultant Karl is a former CTO turned digital service business owner. He currently owns and runs The Podcast Consultant, where he helps hundreds of subject matter experts share their expertise through high-quality audio and video podcasts. Every small business...

15 Dec 2023

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: The Art of Punctuation

Few pet peeves are more prevalent than grammar Nazism. Whether you’re a writer, editor, or neither, you’ve likely cringed at a social media post that said “your” when “you’re” was the correct choice. There are varying ways of reacting to such an error; do you move past...

18 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How To Think Like a Content Marketer When You’re Really a Freelance Writer

If you’re a freelance writer, you want to know The Secret. You’re in good company. To be sure, there are over 4 million freelance writers in the United States alone, and we’d all like to make more money. However, where our professional title weaves us together, our...

13 Jan 2017

outsource inhouse
Content Creation 4 Reasons Why It Is Time to Outsource Your Content Marketing

Whether you are an agency, small business, or large business, there is always a need for content marketing. A few years ago when content marketing was just up and coming, the thing to do was to hire an in-house team of writers and creatives to handle the...

12 Jan 2017

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