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Content Creation Where to Use Infographics and Where to Leave Them Out

Content marketing has been exploding in popularity in recent years, and an entire industry has risen up around SEO. As time goes on, it seems like every business out there is trying as hard as it can to get a leg up when it comes to making...

24 May 2018

Content Creation Attract, Engage, Convert, and Delight: How to Create Content for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

The Three Stages of the Buyer’s Journey Depending on the product or service that a buyer is considering, there may be many steps on their journey from initial consideration to purchase, but all of these steps can be placed into three primary stages that occur throughout the...

7 Mar 2018

Content Creation SEO Checklist for Writing Blogs

The world of search engine optimization can seem complicated to marketers without technical backgrounds. What do you mean your posts need schema markups? How is anyone supposed to keep up with the dozens or redirect codes out there? It can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, in the short...

25 Jan 2018

Content Creation Whitepaper Release: The Importance of Site Crawl Analysis

Whether you’re a master content creator or a search engine optimization (SEO) ninja, you know that website errors and indexing issues can spell disaster for your site. So how can a site crawl analysis help? Find out why a site crawl analysis is so important in “How...

12 Dec 2017

Content Marketing 7 Content Marketing KPIs to Track

A key performance indicator (KPI) is any measurable value that helps you determine whether you are on course to achieve your objectives. Like any other business strategy, a content marketing strategy needs to have clearly defined goals. But it’s not easy to track those goals without well-established...

23 Oct 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Tips for Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer has become one of hottest careers available for people looking for a non-traditional job away from the everyday stress of working for a brick and mortar establishment. While a professional freelance writer has the option to work at home, at a local...

27 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Should You Really Only Write What You Know?

Anyone who has written or studied writing for a while likely knows the classic advice: “Write what you know.” It’s most often said about  creative writing, and is used to tell the writer to use current experience as inspiration if they aren’t sure where to start. It also rightfully...

25 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How To Stay Disciplined Working at Home

Dreaming of becoming your own boss? Of course you are. Freelancers who work at home can take meetings in their pajamas and lunch in their kitchens, not to mention avoiding office politics and a commute. Blah! But here’s the catch: Piles of laundry, the TV, and family members...

20 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: The Art of Punctuation

Few pet peeves are more prevalent than grammar Nazism. Whether you’re a writer, editor, or neither, you’ve likely cringed at a social media post that said “your” when “you’re” was the correct choice. There are varying ways of reacting to such an error; do you move past...

18 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How To Think Like a Content Marketer When You’re Really a Freelance Writer

If you’re a freelance writer, you want to know The Secret. You’re in good company. To be sure, there are over 4 million freelance writers in the United States alone, and we’d all like to make more money. However, where our professional title weaves us together, our...

13 Jan 2017

outsource inhouse
Content Creation 4 Reasons Why It Is Time to Outsource Your Content Marketing

Whether you are an agency, small business, or large business, there is always a need for content marketing. A few years ago when content marketing was just up and coming, the thing to do was to hire an in-house team of writers and creatives to handle the...

12 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 9 Things That Will Sabotage Your Freelance Business

A lot of writers believe they can write when the inspiration moves them. They have difficulty adhering to deadlines and shy away from agreeing to due dates. If you’re thinking about joining the 53 million people in the US working as freelancers, it’s important to know that freelancing...

11 Jan 2017

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