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Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Build a Fast Track Record as a Freelancer

Competition for freelance work is fierce. Whenever a quality job posts, you may face hundreds of applicants for the position. How can you possibly convince clients to choose you over someone with vastly more experience? Content creators from the early days of the internet have at least...

6 Jan 2017

Content Creation Community Spotlight: Why Your Writing Samples Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

Working as a freelance writer can be a lucrative and financially satisfying career, but only if you’re able to attract and retain clients interested in what you have to share. While your resume and portfolio go together as promotional tools to get your foot at the threshold,...

4 Jan 2017

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Fact Check Like a Pro

The media is currently engaged in a cycle of self-flagellation caused by political coverage and social media’s propensity to propagate. Whether you didn’t bother to vote or mainlined sites like Politico and 538 this year, this bout of introspection will still have potentially cataclysmic ripple effects on...

30 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Why Copywriting Will Make You More Creative

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the copywriting world, but are worried that it might be creatively dry, it’s time to reconsider that idea. Many authors or other creative writers fear that paying the bills with a copywriting job, or learning copywriting skills for marketing purposes,...

23 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Writing Tools to Maximize the Impact of Your Content

Some people might like to think that writing happens organically. It sure would be nice if we could just sit down in front of the blank page and get paid for whatever pours from our minds. Sadly, being a professional writer requires a great deal more. Research,...

21 Dec 2016

Content Marketing Creative Spotlight: 6 Ways To Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Writers, by our very nature, tend to be slightly introverted. We work alone for hours at a time, often in near silence. The solitude we create for ourselves gives us the space to think and string words together. While you may have gone into the freelance life...

16 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Effectively Introduce Your Content

“It was a pleasure to burn.” – “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – “1984” by George Orwell “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” – “A Tale of Two...

14 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Content Strategies To Keep Your Audience Engaged

If you are the author of a blog or you’re running your own online business, audience engagement is a vital component of effective content marketing. Keeping your audience engaged is something that strengthens the investment that your audience has in your blog or brand. Increased investment in...

9 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Surefire Ways to Make Money Writing

So, you want to write for a living. Why not? You can be your own boss, travel the world, and make your office a beach chair where your only worry is spilling your adult beverage onto your laptop. Well, it is an attractive dream, but here is...

7 Dec 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 7 Tips for Dealing With Freelance Loneliness

If you’ve been a freelance writer for any amount of time, you’ve probably experience freelance loneliness at some point. Unless you work with kids at home or collaborate with a few other professionals, freelancing can be a lonely profession. But the good news is, with a little...

2 Dec 2016

Content Writing Creative Spotlight: The Top 4 Grammar Mistakes You’ll See Online

Grammar mistakes happen to the best of us, but they can have a negative impact on the way others perceive us. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed grammar geek, it’s still important to check your online presence to see how it’s reflecting you as an individual, as...

30 Nov 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Rhetorical Strategies for Successful Copy

Rhetorical appeals have been used throughout the centuries. Discussed by Aristotle, these ways of addressing an audience for the most effective appeal are still relevant (and super useful!) today with creating successful copy. Understanding how to find your audience, and then how to use ethos, pathos, and...

25 Nov 2016

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