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Content Creation Creative Spotlight: The Best Part of Freelancing: Getting Paid to Learn

Do you know everything? I don’t, but there’s nothing I’m afraid to write about. Sure, we all have our specialties. In college I studied literature and writing with a focus on poetry. Naturally, the first freelance piece I wrote was “How to Write a Sonnet.” Actually, it...

23 Nov 2016

Content Creation Full Circle Copy and Appealing to New and Repeat Customers

In business, it’s often said that drawing in new customers is more challenging than keeping current ones. This idea is applied to many things, including copywriting and marketing. Often, marketing is divided into strategies for cold leads and established patrons, but what if it were possible to consistently appeal...

18 Nov 2016

Content Creation 6 Time Management Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers

When you start a freelance writing career, your first concern might be getting enough work to support yourself or making the right connections to get better paying jobs. However, if you keep producing quality work and gain a good reputation in your industry, you’ll eventually reach a...

9 Nov 2016

Content Creation The Importance of Responsive Content

Whether you manage content strategy, dabble in web design, or coordinate digital marketing efforts, you need to understand what responsive design and content mean for your brand. Learn why responsive content is so important, where it’s headed, and how your brand will miss out if you don’t...

3 Nov 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Freelancers Need More Than One Type of Gig

If you’re new to the life of a freelancer, you may not know what those of us who’ve been doing it for a while know. The freelance life can be “feast or famine.” When the work is rolling in, you barely have enough time to shower, eat,...

2 Nov 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 6 Tips For Writing A Killer Blog Post That Converts

Many bloggers falsely believe that a good idea alone makes for an effective blog post. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If blogging was as easy as writing about interesting topics, a lot more people would be able to monetize their words. The way to think about writing a...

28 Oct 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Grow as a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer can be a wonderful career. It allows you to work from home and set your own hours. However, if you don’t know how to grow as a freelance writer, you won’t end up making ends meet. If you want to boost your potential...

26 Oct 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Find the Right Freelancer for Your Company: 7 Tips for Businesses

Whether you are a startup getting off the ground or a seasoned business, one of the toughest tasks for a company is to find someone to create content. To lessen the costs of adding another desk and payroll, companies turn to freelancers for projects such as creating...

12 Oct 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Why Your “About Us” Page Isn’t Really About You At All

Did you know that your “About Us” page is the second or third-most looked at page on your website? That’s right, after your home page, the “About” page is the first place most customers go to check out who the face behind the business is. People like...

14 Sep 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How To Find the Right Influencer for Your Niche

Influencer: a person who compels others to act or form an opinion. Influencers, also known as brand advocates, have power. People listen to them, followers change their opinions based on what they say, and many consumers will buy, or not buy, based on what a trusted influencer...

31 Aug 2016

Content Creation 5 Tips on How to Collect Quality Client Feedback

While working on a campaign for a client you should always have one goal in mind, exceed their expectations. On the other hand, that customer also has one goal in mind, collect a quality product and reach their marketing objectives. This may sound like a simple exchange,...

30 Aug 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Build Authority as an Online Writer

Building authority as an online writer isn’t as simple as writing the piece, hitting the publish button, and waiting for readers to arrive. While it takes some work to build, online authority is very important. As a writer with strong authority in your chosen niche, you gain...

24 Aug 2016

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