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Content Creation Creative Spotlight: How to Stay Current As a Freelancer

Where is your freelancing career now? Where do you project it will be in a year? How confident are you that you will still create content professionally a decade from now? These three questions aren’t ones you considered when you started attacking your inbox this morning, but...

17 Aug 2016

Content Creation How To Influence Your Buyers Using Content Marketing

It’s been a minute CopyPress readers. The last time we talked was over a year ago, about using content to win at ORM. Since then I’ve founded an influencer marketing network named Intellifluence and went from being a CopyPress employee to an advisor and proud CopyPress partner....

15 Aug 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Blogging Versus Social Media

In the technological age we find ourselves in today, sharing thoughts with the world is easier than ever. There are plenty of tips and tricks to maximize readership and get your voice heard, including marketing yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+,...

12 Aug 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Storytelling Tips to Take Your Business from Meh to Mesmerizing

People are impatient. We finish others’ sentences, whether in our minds or out loud, and we are always thinking of what we will say next in a conversation. There is a strong tendency not to listen because we are busy anticipating the “volley” of conversation and preparing a...

3 Aug 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Brand Yourself Consistently

In a highly competitive and noisy marketplace, it’s crucial that you distinguish yourself and your business with solid branding. This corporate buzz word sounds catchy and reassuringly precise, but there’s no one-step process you can use to define the essence of a company or a business person....

29 Jul 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Know Your Audience: Voice and Content Creation

The way to think about where voice and content creation intersect is to consider your target audience: the audience you have, and the audience you want. From the blog and video topics chosen, to the content’s production style, every aspect of a brand’s content creation needs to...

22 Jul 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Tips for Creating Compelling Ideations

Developing a great story idea with little more than your client’s name or a keyword for inspiration can be challenging. However, there are a number of strategies which can make the task less daunting. Next time you’re faced with a case of writer’s block, try these techniques...

20 Jul 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Avoiding the Blog Graveyard

You know your company needs a blog for your website, and maybe you even have intentions of starting one yourself. A blog is an important part of content marketing, but unfortunately, many businesses’ blogs end up in the vast expansion of the blog graveyard. Considering how important...

13 Jul 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: Beating Writer’s Block

It happens to the best of us — you sit down to write and realize fifteen minutes later that all you’ve done is stare at a blank screen. In many ways, writer’s block is like hiccups. Everyone gets them from time to time, and despite there being...

8 Jul 2016

Content Creation Creative Spotlight: 5 Cardinal Sins of Freelance Writing

Eight years ago, I left my last office job and decided to make freelance writing my full-time gig. My first jobs paid less than a tenth of what my top projects earn now, and there were more than a few times when I wondered if I was...

1 Jul 2016

Content Creation 5 Common Digital Media Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Choosing to incorporate digital media into your content marketing strategy can be a formidable task for any size business.  From understanding the technology to creating ideas, there can be challenges to reaching the desired outcome. While having a plan for your digital media asset is a start,...

21 Jun 2016

Content Creation How to Create Better Headlines

If you think creating a great headline isn’t worth your time, think again. Not only is the headline the first thing your reader sees, it’s also your best chance at enticing a reader to click through for more. Learn eight tips for creating better headlines, and understand...

14 Apr 2016

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