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Author - Cristie Rivera

Pavlov’s Customer: Are Consumers Wired to Get a Certain Response?

Today we’re going way back to Psych 101. I’m sure that most of you remember Ivan Pavlov, his dogs, and the ringing bell. If not, here’s a brief summary for […]

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Using Psychological Framing Can Make You a Better Marketer and Manager

Have you ever received instructions that were worded in a way that affected how you went about the task? I have. When drafting instructions for someone, no matter how basic, […]

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Remember How Awesome Nostalgia Marketing Was?

A couple of weeks ago my mom sent an email to my brother and I with the subject line “Do You Remember This?” with this image attached: Wow, way to […]

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People Aren’t Clicking on Your Banner Ad and That’s Okay

With the sheer number of websites that I encounter on a daily basis I sometimes leave work feeling as if banner ads are the bane of my existence. That may […]

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Perception and Its Impact on Your Brand

What is Perception? Perception is part of how you view the world around you and those in it, it’s a basic response to information in the environment. The perceptual process […]

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False Advertising: Spot it and Report it

False advertising occurs when an ad crosses the line and makes claims that mislead consumers. There are three main types of false advertising. In general terms they are: Disparaging a […]

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Are You Using Statistics Ethically?

How far are you willing to go to acquire readership for your blog? Some people wouldn’t hesitate to answer this question with a response along the lines of “as far […]

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Disclosures and Disclaimers on Blogs: An Overview

If you’re thinking of becoming a regular contributor or guest author on a blog then you should familiarize yourself with disclaimers and disclosures. These are placed on websites to tell […]

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