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three pillars of seo against a hazy pink orange sky
SEO The Three Pillars of SEO: Prop Up Your Content Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to get better results from your content marketing without having to expand your marketing or sales teams. But, just because you don’t have to add personnel to get the job done, that doesn’t make the task easy. SEO changes fast...

16 Jun 2022

man using macbook at table creating content
Content Creation The Big Question: When Creating Content You Should…?

When creating content you should…? It sounds like a quiz question. In fact, it is a question from HubSpot’s content marketing course exam. According to the quiz, the right answers are, “keep your audience top of mind” and “keep search engines top of mind.” That sounds easy. Think...

8 Jun 2022

white keyboard and imac on white desk with hands over keyboard to discuss what make a good keyword
SEO What Makes a Good Keyword?: 7 Tips To Find the Right Ones

What makes a good keyword? For anyone in content marketing, this is a big question. Sometimes it’s the big question when you’re trying to pick topics for your pieces. Do you ever feel pressure to get the choice just right? That way you can rank high in search and...

1 Jun 2022

ancient building with blue sky background to represent pillar posts
Content Creation What Are Pillar Posts in Content Marketing?

Did you know that in 2022, B2B marketing teams spent about 33 hours per week creating content? That’s 83% of a traditional workweek. But here’s something the statistics don’t track: are these marketers concerned with the quantity or the quality of their content? If they’re concerned with...

28 May 2022

woman sits on couch with silver macbook covered in black and white stickers on her lap doing work for content marketing vs digital marketing
Content Marketing Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Can You Do Both?

You have a lot of options for how to share your information, products, and services with your target audience. Marketing is a vast umbrella with many smaller niche areas underneath, two being content and digital marketing. Especially for small businesses and startups, you may wonder what’s the...

24 May 2022

no parking sign against grey sky that looks like it could mean no plagiarism
Content Writing Someone Plagiarized Your Work Online, Now What?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But there’s a difference between imitation and getting ripped off. If your marketing team and copywriters are good at what they do, there’s a chance that’s going to happen at least once. And while the internet makes it...

20 May 2022

black electronics on a white keyboard with man sitting at laptop working on b2b vs b2c content marketing
Content Marketing B2B vs B2C Content Marketing: Is There a Difference?

No matter what industry you’re targeting, with content marketing, you’re always trying to engage, interest, and excite humans. You want them to read or view what you’ve put out into the world, find it valuable, and then return to you as a source the next time they...

10 May 2022

laptop and cell phone on white table with google open on the screen
SEO Family Tree: How Are SEO and SEM Related?

Ranking and appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs) is a primary goal for digital marketing. Search engines are often the first locations people consult when trying to find new products or services, or get answers to their questions. You can get your information listed on these...

9 May 2022

neighborhood with roundabout for real estate blog
Content Writing 7 Tips To Improve Your Real Estate Blog

Blogging for real estate helps build brand recognition for your agency. It can also help you build trust with your audience when you share information they want or need to know. If you’ve found your real estate blog isn’t generating the conversions you hoped, check out seven...

6 May 2022

man in white shirt standing against white wall another man holding tablet for interactive immersive marketing experience
Content Creation Interactive and Immersive Marketing: Why Use It?

Which experience sounds more exciting, a lecture or a discussion? Most people would say a discussion. Discussions are interactive. You don’t just sit and listen to someone speak about their ideas. You can engage, talk, and converse with others. Discussions let you not only experience information but...

5 May 2022

Content Creation Data Visualizations vs. Infographics

Data visualizations and infographics are very similar. But that can lead to a lot of confusion and debate over which is which, and what graphic businesses should use for their marketing. If you’re feeling a bit flummoxed, you’re not alone. Though related, infographics and data visualizations are...

27 Apr 2022

Social Media Where and How To Use Social Sharing Buttons in Your Content

Encouraging your website visitors and loyal content followers to share your pieces on social media can have positive effects on your traffic. The more traffic you get to your content can increase brand awareness and recognition. And the more people that know about your brand can increase...

12 Apr 2022

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