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Author - Dylan Adams

Get Your Sales Team to Use Social Media

It’s really funny to me how underutilized social media is by sales teams. Despite the fact that both parties are outgoing and trying to generate as many leads as possible, […]

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Shots in the Dark that have Turned into Home Runs

Football season is over, the dust has settled from the yearly Super Bowl Advertising extravaganza, and people are going back into their normal television routines. Families are gathering around the […]

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Why Dennis Rodman is Still a Hirable Spokesperson

A while ago I spoke about choosing athlete endorsements makes sense.   Don’t just use some random sports star because he has a big name.  While I still stand by that, […]

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Learn from Their Mistakes: Cause Marketing Gone Wrong

Throughout the year – and particularly during the holiday season – businesses that utilize marketing efforts for the betterment of a community can make a huge difference.  They have a […]

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Q&A with a CopyPress Twitter Expert

In today’s business world, connecting with consumers on an individual basis is one of the most important aspects to both gain new customers and stay in touch with current ones.  […]

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Can’t Touch This: The Intangible Benefits of Blogging

Convincing a client to start a blog can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to sell them on intangible benefits.  Traffic, search engine rankings, social shares?  You can’t touch any […]

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What Three Months At CopyPress Has Taught Me

We all know the one guy or the one girl in an office or social setting with the attitude.  This person always has something negative to say about everything.  No […]

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The NBA and Superstar Marketing

Ever since Michael Jordan laced up the first pair of Air Jordans, athletes and branding have gone hand in hand.  Sometimes it works out great – like in the case […]

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