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Content Why Consistency in Marketing is Key

Routine is good. You might not realize it, but many of your favorite things are predictable. What do you look forward to? Whether it’s football on Monday night, Taco Tuesday, Friday Happy Hour, or family dinners on Sunday, you plan your week around regular events. You work...

7 Nov 2017

Content Creating Top Notch Product Descriptions

Hurry up. You only have a moment to grab the attention of your audience. They’re fleeting little bunnies. Don’t see a bright orange carrot? Bounce away! See something scary? Hop for safety! Catch a whiff of a leafier garden? Spring over there! The online world is so...

2 Nov 2017

Dollar Bills
Content The Cost of Creating a Custom Infographic

It’s a visual web. To stand out, you need more than text. Humans remember visual information better than written information. We capture 90 percent of our information visually. You get it — you need to utilize infographics. You’re comfortable with text, paragraphs, and articles. You know which images pop. You have...

31 Oct 2017

Content Choosing an Infographic Style: Checklists

Checklists are a daily part of life, especially if you’re the organized type. You take a list to the grocery store and buy everything on the list (and nothing more). You make a to-do list and complete each item. You make a honey-do list and hope for...

26 Oct 2017

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