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Content Creation From Social to Content: Facebook’s Evolution Into a Content Conglomerate

In the wide world of the Internet, fickle users, demanding investors, and growing technologies are just a few driving forces that perpetuate change in design, functionality, and features of online publishing platforms. Today I’m going to look at one of the most well-known social media sites, Facebook,...

7 Apr 2014

Image of hand tools; concept for tools to follow your competitors and build better content plans.
Content Creation Tools To Follow Your Competitors and Form a Better Content Plan

As any marketer will tell you, keeping abreast of your competitors’ progress will help you become more successful. This same mentality can be applied to running a successful website. In order to keep your audience and customers coming back to your site, you will have to keep...

7 Feb 2014

Content Creation Can Content Marketing Drive Conversions?

If you are reading this article based on the question “can content marketing drive conversions?” then let me save you some time: Yes, yes it can. The real questions are when, how, and why does content marketing drive conversions? For those answers we may need a little...

7 Jan 2014

Content Creation Are You Content With Your Content?

“Quality” is the one of the primary buzzwords in content marketing right now. People are claiming that this transition to superior content is the new frontier, but nobody ever set out to create crappy content. They were just content with their content. Disclaimer: Let’s get this out...

8 Nov 2013

Content Creation The Entire Connection Process (Part 1)

The concept of building a connection sounds easy enough, right? The site gets free, awesome content, the company gets exposure, everyone is happy. It may or may not surprise you to learn that this is no easy feat. The job of connecting a piece of content to...

25 Jun 2013

Content Creation Cup of Copy: Memes

What causes a piece of content to go viral? That question will continue to elude marketers for generations. Viral content, or memes, can evolve into a marketer’s golden egg.  Although unpredictable, it’s interesting to see the evolution of memes in our society. A meme is a self-explanatory...

27 May 2013

Content Creation Cup of Copy: Sharing

There is an ongoing debate in our society about whether we are naturally selfish or altruistic creatures. Many theorists argue in favor of natural selection and claim that our motives are innately egocentric. The other side of the argument is that our societies have molded us into...

12 Apr 2013

Content Creation 4 Common PitchFalls in Outreaching

Everyone is talking about how to pitch: use this subject line, use that introduction, try putting your previous articles at the bottom! I decided to use a different approach. Here’s a concept I learned at a different sales job applied to my current position as an outreacher....

25 Feb 2013

Content Creation 34 Headlines: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  Everyone is familiar with the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, that expression is fading with the decline of books and the rise of blogs. Nielsen/Mckinsey company reported an increase from 36 million blogs in 2006 to over 181 million blogs by...

18 Jan 2013

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