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Author - David Mumpower

What’s the Present and Future Value of Interactive Content?

Marketing effectively is a constant struggle. You need to sell products and services in a way that connects with consumers, but these potential clients are savvier than ever. Many years […]

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What Are the Best Distribution Tools for Content Today?

Publishing content on the internet is a strange situation. You may write the greatest piece of copy ever known to humanity. It goes to waste if nobody reads it, though. […]

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The Ideation Process: Inside the Mind of a Freelancer

When you hire a freelancer, do you ever wonder what’s going on in their mind? Some of the pitches that you hear must make you curious. Whether the ideas are […]

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7 Things a Freelancer Wonders about a Project

Freelancer working on a laptop

When you hire a content creator, you have questions about the process. It’s only natural. The same is true of freelancers that you hire. The person on the other end […]

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How to Populate a Blog the Right Way

man preparing to type on a laptop

By now, everyone understands the benefits of a blog. A content creator can connect with readers on a personal basis while building organic traffic via search engine optimization. It’s one […]

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Five Reasons Why CAAS Is a Growth Industry

Are you a business owner in need of more content? Everybody is, right? The amount of content you publish directly determines how much attention your website receives in a given […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Build a Fast Track Record as a Freelancer

Competition for freelance work is fierce. Whenever a quality job posts, you may face hundreds of applicants for the position. How can you possibly convince clients to choose you over […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Fact Check Like a Pro

The media is currently engaged in a cycle of self-flagellation caused by political coverage and social media’s propensity to propagate. Whether you didn’t bother to vote or mainlined sites like […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Stay Current As a Freelancer

Where is your freelancing career now? Where do you project it will be in a year? How confident are you that you will still create content professionally a decade from […]

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