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what we have learned a decade into copypress
Content Marketing What We Have Learned a Decade Into CopyPress

Content marketing and SEO has slowly moved to the idea of quality plus scale. But it wasn’t like that when we started CopyPress. The first iteration of CopyPress as a company launched in 2011. That was an interesting time in the content space. Panda, Google’s update that devalued low-quality...

27 May 2021

Content Tips to Find the Perfect Copywriter

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”—Robert Frost Companies like CopyPress exist because the content process is hard. Scaling content is difficult. Despite scale, many companies simply find it hard to find great copywriters....

26 Apr 2021

Content Creation On Technical SEO

(Disclaimer: The post is being written to piggy back on the conversations started around a post written by Clayburn Griffin on Search Engine Land. In fact, it’s perfect timing for me to shamelessly push CopyPress’ attendance at SMX Advanced June 21-23. If you are attending SMX come...

19 Jun 2016

Content Creation The Cognitive Science Behind Complex Content Retention

I go on Twitter to update the world on the kind of coffee I am drinking, and I am hit with a deluge of: Top 11 XX You Won’t Believe What Happens When XX 15 Stats that XX Top that with Trends, Moments, and whatever other item...

10 Dec 2015

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