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Content Creation Snyde Comments: On the Road

  I’m laying in my bed in a small hotel room over 1,000 miles from my sons and wife. Three feet away, in his bed, our SVP of Operations Stefan is trying to get sleep, wearing earplugs so my typing doesn’t keep him from getting needed rest,...

17 Jan 2013

Content Creation Snyde Comments: What Is Authorship, Really?

Joe Hall did not write this post, Dave Snyder did, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Sometimes we break things into such small fragments that we lose the true power of the whole. I’m feeling this more and more as I read what comes out...

11 Jan 2013

Content Creation How to Usher in an Age of Enlightenment for Content

If you want true insights into a company’s culture and future direction, look no further than its internal training. A company’s education system, or lack thereof, indicates its cultural era: The Dark Age or The Age of Enlightenment. Image via Flickr CopyPress was born on the tail...

19 Dec 2012

Content Creation Creating Content Honeypots to Convert Referral Traffic

Content in Sales Driving traffic is about making money. Unless you are running a CPM model, that traffic needs to be converted into money. A conversion can be a lot of different things ranging from a sale to a simple form fill-out, but at the end of...

14 Dec 2012

Image mockup of "Copyright" on a computer screen, woman looking at a computer screen.
Content Creation How to Avoid Falling Prey to Copyright Trolls

What do you have in common with a fearless romance novelist and BuzzFeed? Both have or will soon fall prey to Copyright Trolls.  Copyright Trolls are Intellectual Property attorneys that scavenge the Internet in search of entities to sue over misuse of copyrighted material. As a struggling...

13 Nov 2012

Content Creation How We Used Content and Email to Increase Sales by 100%

Anyone that has been observing CopyPress over the last few months can tell that we have put an expanded effort into our blog as a marketing tool. Some basic numbers from this three-month duration are pretty telling about the power of the product we sell to customers:...

6 Nov 2012

Image of a tablet screen showing the word Infographic surrounded by additional marketing terms; concept for infographics case study.
Content Creation CopyPress Case Studies: Infographics

CopyPress has created some beautiful infographics in our time. Here are some sample infographics and the results they rendered. The Content Omniverse Goals One: To increase brand awareness for the newly launched CopyPress blog Two: To convert webinar and newsletter sign-ups. Strategy We decided to create a...

20 Sep 2012

wordpress blog on screen of desktop
Content Creation Corporate Blogs that Know How to Deepen Customer Loyalty

Most corporate blogs drone on like the professor that put you to sleep during 2nd period Economics: “Introducing blah blah blah…innovating blah blah…ground breaking…blah blah blah [insert industry keyword here].” While self-adulation and industry jargon have a time and place, corporate blogs are best used to strengthen...

14 Sep 2012

multiple ways to reach out
Content Creation Outreach Specialist’s Bible

Reaching out to other web publications and creating quality connections is a key component of the content life cycle. It helps you build your brand, drive traffic, and aids in search engine optimization. Connection creation, if done correctly, is a very white-hat approach to the question of...

29 Aug 2012

SEO graphic
Content Creation The Content Life Cycle and the SEO Audit

Good order is the foundation of all things.-Edmund Burke Training is an extremely important part of the cultural fabric at CopyPress. We believe whole-heartedly that professional and personal improvement is the core of a happy work life. In the Spring, I did an expanded series of SEO...

17 Aug 2012

CopyPress, what it was and what it is today.
Content Creation CopyPress: What It Was and What It Is Today

When one has finished building one’s house, one suddenly realizes that in the process one has learned something that one really needed to know in the worst way – before one began. -Friedrich Nietzsche The last 12 months have been a focused rebuilding and retooling process for...

7 Aug 2012

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