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Author - Garett Guzman

Regulate is a Dirty Word

In some of my past posts I’ve written about the importance of communicating your brand message and making sure you’re covered in the most effective forms of media. Marketing is […]

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The Content Marketing Industry Reminds Me of Gym Class

Prepare yourself for nostalgic middle school memories – or traumatic flashbacks – as I take you down memory lane to compare lessons from the locker room to modern day marketing. […]

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Red Bull: The Native Advertising Holy Grail

Red Bull offers customers more than an overpriced energy drink, it offers a lifestyle. This brand equity was earned over a decade of hard work and resilience among a competitive […]

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Topical Content: Are You Missing the Train or Getting Run Over?

Today the Internet connects more than two billion people. We search. We share. We watch awesome YouTube videos. News breaks daily and the speed of social media allows us to […]

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