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Author - Heather Hardy

5 Marketing Tips to Reach Generation Z

Reach the Generation Z audience with these marketing tips.

For the last decade, brands have focused intensely on the millennial generation. They have studied everything from their internet habits to their buying preferences. Just as many brands have finally […]

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Using Social Media to Reach a B2B Market

Learn how social media can target your B2B target market.

Reaching a business to business (B2B) market requires a distinct marketing approach with strategies and considerations that differ from those efforts for a business to consumer (B2C) market. Many businesses […]

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5 Reasons LinkedIn is a Great B2B Marketing Platform

LinkedIn can be a great B2B marketing platform for your campaigns.

LinkedIn is often the forgotten social media platform. Although business-focused, it’s still considered to be a type of social media. Perhaps the biggest difference when comparing LinkedIn to other social […]

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A Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics are important to improving your campaigns.

Many would agree that digital is the future of marketing. Digital marketing is made up of many different components, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, social media advertising, content […]

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A History of SEO and Current Algorithm Tips

Discover the history of SEO

An understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to adapt to the ever-changing technological times. Google updates its algorithm as many as 500-600 times each year. While each change […]

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The Future of Technology and Internet Marketing

Computer and Presenter

Technology changes continually, and this means that the world of internet marketing is also constantly changing. An important part of a successful digital marketing campaign is keeping up with these […]

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8 Must-Use Tools to Measure your Competition

An underutilized, yet valuable method of digital marketing success is competitive analysis. By evaluating the shortcomings and successes of your closest competitors, you can learn valuable information about your target […]

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How to Create Quality Content

Computer and Icons

“Content is king.” This statement has been floating around the digital marketing world for many years. Quality content is the best method to increase traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) results, […]

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6 Black Hat SEO Strategies to Avoid


The term “black hat” has synonymously been associated with the villain or the bad guy. When applied to search engine optimization (SEO), black hat refers to the strategies that are […]

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3 Ways to Introduce Facebook into your Business Marketing Campaign

People on top of Screen

Facebook successfully connects people all over the world. It is the most widely used social media platform for all generations. Its widespread popularity makes it an essential tool for business […]

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