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instagram home feed on an iphone screen
Social Media Instagram Updates Live Rooms by Allowing Three Users in One Room at One Time

One of the newest ways to promote yourself on social media is by using the new live chat room features on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with your friends, followers, or connections more authentically. “Going Live” – as we have begun calling it – is a...

11 Mar 2021

neon sign that reads google
SEO 5 Ways to Prepare Your Site for Google’s Upcoming Page Experience Update

Google has become the largest monopoly of our time. 92.18% of all searches from 2019 happened on the ever-powerful search engine, and when you think of search engines, the brand that comes to mind is Google, every time.  Google’s popularity is nothing new, but they have continued...

9 Mar 2021

hands with smartphones
Social Media Twitter Announces New Feature That Allows Influencers to Charge for Content

Up until this point, content on social media platforms has been visible free of charge. For years, Facebook had the slogan “free & always will be” on its homepage, before you log in to your personal account. However, I noticed, that the message about no-cost content was...

5 Mar 2021

Marketing Content Marketing Market in 2021 | How Creating Content Can Set You Apart From Your Competition

Content Marketing is at an all-time high. In 2020, it was reported by CMI that more than 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Content marketing includes writing blogs, creating infographics, producing videos, and constructing interactive media on your website. Your content marketing strategy can be made...

3 Mar 2021

Vlog and video content creation for social networks. Vector illustration of lifestyle bloggers and influencers
Social Media LinkedIn’s Developing a New Program to Support Content Creators on the Platform

LinkedIn is attempting to reward their regular content creators by creating a platform to help support a framework for their creations. Ultimately, for the majority of us that use LinkedIn, that means added advertising and promotional opportunities through the app’s most influential users.  LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief,...

25 Feb 2021

Business people analyzing marketing reports
Marketing Business to Business Marketing Report 2020-2021

Business to Business marketing is the way that a company who sells their products or services to other companies displays themselves on the internet in any capacity. This could be any information on their website, social media accounts, or email newsletter services. You may also see B2B...

23 Feb 2021

Man holding Barack Obama Instagram photos on the new Apple iPhone X 10
Social Media Instagram Begins Testing New Vertical Story View After TikTok Takes Over

With a new kid on the scene, Instagram has been frantically trying to add new features in order to compete with its biggest competitor, TikTok. Instagram has seen a decline in engagement on their platform since TikTok came onto the scene. While people were stuck at home...

20 Feb 2021

Singapore-28 DEC 2018:A photograph of the Google logo in the lobby of Google's new campus and office in Singapore, which is regional HQ.
SEO Google’s Adding New Contextual Data Panels to All Search Results to Inform Users of Site Info

Google is looking to help its users get a better understanding of the webpages on their results pages before you even need to click on the link. Google will now begin displaying a new informational panel listed on each result on the SERP (search engine results page)...

18 Feb 2021

Social media engagement isometric 3D concept illustration.
Content Instagram Moves Towards Removing the Ability to Share Feed Posts Within Stories

When it comes to sharing posts on your 24-hour long story, 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide created or shared at least one story during a typical month in 2020. So, many are wondering why Instagram is moving towards removing the ability to share feed posts within...

10 Feb 2021

Marketing automation concept illustration.
Marketing Marketing Automation Software Market Report | Forecast to 2024

One of my most common behind-the-scenes aspects of a functional marketing strategy is the automation of your process. Marketing automation is the set of rules you put in place to be sure that your strategy and process are being followed.  For example, if you would like to...

8 Feb 2021

Isometric vector of virtual office with businesspeople, corporate employees working together on a new startup using mobile devices
Marketing Customer Success Platforms Market Worth $2.5 Billion by 2025

Customer success is one of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you sell products or services, it’s important that your sales process is one that leaves customers with a good sense of accomplishment. One major aspect of a successful sales process is a customer success...

5 Feb 2021

Blogger promoting goods and services for followers online
Social Media Instagram Builds a New Professional Dashboard

Instagram has become the first app most Millennials open each morning when they wake up and check their notifications. With over 850 million unique users on Instagram and a recent purchase by Facebook, this platform has more influence in our day-to-day lives than any other. In recent...

2 Feb 2021

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