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Author - Jessica Edmondson

What to Learn From Bad Guest Post Pitches Like These

Blogger outreach generally involves connecting to sites in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships by contributing content.  In order to start developing the relationship, there first has to be initial […]

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Outreach: How to Turn Your One Night Stand into a Second Date

Although blogger outreach and inbound marketing strategies are better developed with long-term goals in mind, it’s easy to get caught up in quick, short-term experiences, especially with deadlines. Instead of […]

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Don’t Let Your Connection Become a One Night Stand

Blogger outreach and inbound marketing strategies can sometimes lead to tricky situations where you’re left wondering if you’ve just had a one night stand.  While the overall goal of outreaching […]

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Outreach: How to Handle the Tough Questions

When outreaching to blogs for guest post inquiries, certain questions from bloggers can arise. Although the most common questions relate to the content you’re interested in providing the blogger, there […]

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Outreach: How to Follow Up with Bloggers

Finding and outreaching to targeted sites is sometimes half the battle. Once you’ve sent the initial pitch email to a blogger, it can then be a waiting game where you’re left wondering if he or she read your email. But how long do you wait for a blogger to respond?

The answer is typically 2 days. But this answer can vary depending on the time of year. For instance, since holidays—like Christmas—are right around the corner, many people take vacation from work. Therefore, if you receive an Out-of-Office automated reply when you email a blogger, you should wait to follow up until that blogger is back from holiday leave.

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How to Better Connect with Influential Bloggers

During the outreach process, it’s important to establish and maintain relationships with bloggers. This relationship leads to mutual benefits where your guest posts will further your inbound marketing goals while […]

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How to Reconnect with Bloggers

If you’re outreaching for a certain niche over a long period of time, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across those same sites you’ve previously contacted. Depending on your outreach goals, […]

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Outreach: How to Respond to Unenthused Bloggers

Imagine that you have a blog that’s decently ranked and gets a steady flow of traffic per day. Now imagine the hundreds of emails that litter your inbox –daily.  People […]

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Concocting the Perfect Pitch

Some bloggers make a game out of bad pitches, like Mike from Fevered Mutterings. Other bloggers dedicate a whole section of their site on how they want to be pitched […]

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The Se7en Deadly Sins of Outreach

Inbound marketing is a vital component of SEO, but it is also a tedious and time-consuming process. When constantly contacting sites for guest blogging opportunities, you may be tempted to […]

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