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Content How Empathy is Key to Great Marketing

In today’s digital world where the average person spends five hours per day on their phone, how do you reach them? More importantly, how do you capture their interest to convert them into a customer? The answer lies in the use of empathy. As humans, we all...

2 Aug 2018

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Content The Importance of a Content Calendar

Did you know that 88 percent of business-to-business companies incorporate content marketing into their overall marketing strategy? Does yours? Furthermore, a recent study done by the Content Marketing Institute found that only 32 percent of those companies have a written process for content marketing execution. While that...

9 Jul 2018

Comment bubbles and people on phones
Content How to Use Customer Testimonials in Your Content

Testimonials help during the relationship building journey between a company and prospective customers. Oftentimes, customer testimonials help to establish credibility and expertise among those who don’t know your company. Being a genuine, unbiased voice, testimonials are a great selling tool that isn’t “in your face.” In fact,...

28 Jun 2018

Computer Search
Content 5 SEO Tactics That Are Overlooked

Updating websites is one of the most important tasks any company can do. Whether it’s adding a blog article, uploading photos from a company event, or creating a new page for a new product or service, all these website additions will help grow your business. Even though...

11 May 2018

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