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Content Creation Going Beyond “Just A Keyword List” To Supercharge SEO Outcomes

The foundation of the keyword research component of SEO campaigns always starts out with “gather your keywords, search volume, and PPC costs for those keywords.” But there’s a more robust process that you can build into your organization to get outsized returns from the product of this...

16 Aug 2023

Heat mapping has surprising uses for SEO
SEO This Surprising Use of Heatmaps Gives Big Wins for SEO

Usually heatmap tools are touted by PPC experts and CRO-focused consultants, but popular Japanese SEO blogger Kenichi Suzuki brought two interesting case studies during Austin’s Pubcon conference in his session “SEO and UX: SEO is all about User eXperience.” Armed with hands on examples, he laid out...

20 Mar 2023

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