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Author - Jessica Gilley

How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Newsletter

The majority of your interaction with customers, clients, and leads isn’t going to be through a friendly phone call. You’re fighting for eyes, not ears. One of the easiest ways […]

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How to Allocate Your Newly Approved Mobile Budget

The rise of mobiles devices has led to revenue boosts and marketing opportunities for businesses. On Black Friday, the dreaded day of super sales, approximates 40% of the shopping done […]

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Shake It Up: Utilizing Different Types of Content

We successfully entered 2014 without crashing our servers or sending our clients running in the opposite direction screaming. We’re off to a good start. In fact, 2014 looks like a […]

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Smartphone Users: Use ‘Em or You’ll Lose ‘Em

There is one thing that comes embedded in every smartphone: an email app. I’m not talking about your generic, run-of-the-mill, email icon with the stock photo of an envelope glaringly […]

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Can’t We All Just Get Along: Social Media Profiles

We’ve reached the point of no return as far as digital media is concerned. I’m only in my twenties and there are dozens of social media sites that I have […]

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Dear Companies: Mobility – Hand It Over!

Dear Companies: Welcome to 2013 where only a handful of companies have decided to keep up with the times. I’m talking about developing a mobile site or app where we, […]

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Start an Office Twitter Revolution

You’ve got a room full of eager employees who want to move forward with their marketing careers. Day in and day out you see them come in and work their […]

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It’s All Overplayed, You Just Need to Remix It

You can only read about melting polar ice caps and DIY tips to install a toilet so many times and in so many ways. We have all read the same […]

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