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Author - Jeremy Juhasz

“Link Building” Can’t Get a Date to Prom

Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarizing holidays. Some people cuddle up with their significant others and gush over flowers and chocolates, while others are left out in the […]

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What’s the Proper Protocol When Adding LinkedIn Connections?

LinkedIn—the web’s go-to professional social network—has made it quite easy for all of us to view profiles and connect with colleagues and complete strangers. The six degrees of separation real-life […]

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4 Reasons Non-Profits Are Playing Content Marketing Catch-Up

Today’s non-profits face an uphill battle to fulfill their intended missions. Limited staffing budgets, cuts in government aid, recruitment of top talent and other factors have all impacted the non-profit […]

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Intended Delivery: Own Your Content

As a content creator, you receive a ton of satisfaction from watching your article go live on a site. Admit it, there’s a bit of internal euphoria that comes with […]

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Become the Ultimate Publisher: NFL Draft Style

The key to a successful NFL roster is consistency. Week-to-week, it’s your responsibility to make sure the best players are on the field for what you believe can give you […]

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Missed Connections: Seems Like We Have a Failure to Communicate

Consider this work scenario. You’re wrapping up a meeting, surrounded by colleagues when one of your supervisors says to you, “That’s a great idea.” What does this mean? Was it […]

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How to Cope When Your Anchor Text is a Drag

One of the most important aspects of online content is connecting your anchor text to your desired URL. It’s a key player in determining what your company or content will […]

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What to Do About “Selfies”

Have you ever stopped to think just how crazy the whole social era is? Today, seeing one of your friend’s or family member’s faces splashed all over the Internet is […]

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The Madness of Outreach: Your “Final Four” Surefire Ways to Beat the Buzzer

We’re at the pinnacle of the college basketball season, the NCAA tournament (aka March Madness).  Merriam Webster defines madness as “a state of being that can include rage, insanity, ecstasy […]

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