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Content Creation How to Use Data to Tell Better Stories

Using data to tell better stories can mean the difference between approved projects and unhappy clients with confused, yet still angry, faces. Here’s how to get it right the first time. Why Your Content Needs Data Crafting impactful statements through content, including those monthly client reports, demands...

28 Jan 2016

Content Creation Common Pitfalls with Data Visualization

The common pitfalls with data visualization trap more than a few designers and marketers every day. Here’s what to avoid the next time you need to get the client or C-level executive onboard with your newest initiative. Chart Doesn’t Flow Naturally Knowing how to read a data...

24 Nov 2015

KPIs to measure success
Content Creation 6 KPIs to Use to Measure Content Marketing

These six KPIs for measuring your content marketing do more than assign a dollar value to words. These metrics can help empower your reporting to team members, giving useful takeaways that lead to better projects. Dig in. Organic Visitors by Landing Page Traffic from organic search, particularly...

20 Oct 2015

SEO friendly content
Content Creation How To Write Quality Content That’s SEO Friendly

Writing quality content that’s SEO friendly requires a shift in thinking away from search engines to the people who use them. Commit these tips to memory before writing another blog post or landing page: Quality Content Before Panda In the heady days before Google’s massive update to...

13 Oct 2015

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