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Author - Joe Sinkwitz

How To Influence Your Buyers Using Content Marketing

It’s been a minute CopyPress readers. The last time we talked was over a year ago, about using content to win at ORM. Since then I’ve founded an influencer marketing […]

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10 Ways to Use Content to Win at ORM

ORM (online reputation management) is one of the fastest growing segments in digital marketing. It can be pretty easy to see why too with the amount of indexable information exploding […]

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Big Data & Interactives

In the past I’ve written on how to avoid getting ripped off by buying cheap infographics as well as how to sell interactives to a client if you’re an agency, […]

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CopyPress is Getting Ungagged

Do you like hearing from SEO veterans with backgrounds in gaming and payday loans? Want to talk to guys that were manipulating results on gopher, before search engines even existed? […]

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Stop Getting Ripped Off On Cheap Infographics

Anyone who performs a search query for ‘infographics’ can see within the first few pages of organic and paid results that there several options available to agencies and in-house teams […]

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Three Lists to Run Your Job, Department, and Company

Back in April of 2007 I wrote here about my philosophy of making three lists. I feel it’s appropriate to revisit the topic because I still see a lot of […]

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Selling the Virtues of Interactive Content, a How-to for Agencies

Let’s face it, some concepts are simply easier to explain than others. – Content as words? Easy. – Content as written copy expressed graphically that is made specifically to be […]

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