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Author - Jessica Stevens

Why Content Marketing and Guest Posting are Taboo

One of my favorite shows on television, Taboo, showcases people’s lives and how they practice something that may be considered socially unacceptable or wrong. One of my top episodes was […]

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4 Big Publishers that are Getting into Native Advertising

Native advertising has been a controversial topic since it really came to fruition in 2013. Some people think it’s deceptive, while others believe it is something that’s going to dramatically […]

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The Life and Death of Content Marketing

In this day and age, marketers are constantly coming up with new techniques to keep up with our ever-changing media. Marketing and advertising started out with small ads in newspapers […]

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Viral Hangovers: When to Let Go of a Successful Campaign

When this blog topic came my way I jumped on it. I have witnessed firsthand a company over-abusing a marketing tactic, so I thought I would be able to give […]

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Sponsored Posts, Advertorials and Native Ads: What’s the Big Difference?

Sponsored posts. Advertorials. Native advertising. There are some blurred lines between these different forms of marketing as far as how they differ from each other. They all have one common […]

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The Five Love Languages and Blog Management

If you are a blogger then you understand how your blog is more than just a URL. You have a tight bond with your blog, as if you’re in a […]

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Turn Your Content into a Sharknado

Sometimes when I go out to eat or watch a cooking show on the TV I think to myself “those things really go together?!” Who knew that cupcakes and bacon, […]

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How to Avoid Violating Social Networks’ Spam Guidelines

Getting flagged as a spammer (intentionally or not) is the easiest way to lose your online credibility. No one likes to receive spam and they especially hate to be bothered […]

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