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Author - Jay York

Modern Day Curation

If you’ve ever spent time on sites like BuzzFeed or Gawker, you’ve likely come across information pulled directly from top ranking news sites like the New York Times or the […]

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A Funny Thing Happened on Instagram Yesterday

The phenomenon of social media is sometimes attributed to its meta nature. It’s massive and about the entire complex network of connections. In our rush to criticize – or even […]

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Blogger Outreach: Lessons from the African Savanna

This has happened to me on several occasions: I find a beautifully designed site with excellent content, and a friendly, competent editor. As I dig deeper, what do I find? […]

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Quid Pro Quo: When Editors Want Something In Return

It’s common in the outreach process to come across bloggers and editors who expect more than free, quality content to their blog. Nay, the awesome article you wrote on your […]

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5 Top Marketing Disasters of 2012 and the Lessons They Teach Us

2012 was a year brimming with new movies, music, media and marketing. It was also a year brimming with Marketing Fails. We’d be remiss to not learn from the mistakes […]

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