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Author - Kristen McCalla

How to Develop Your Brand Voice

Learn how to develop your brand voice.

When you deal with marketing, you hear plenty of industry phrases that get tossed around. One such phrase you might have encountered before is brand voice. But what is brand […]

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Listicle Writing: A How-to Guide

A guide on listicle writing.

In today’s fast-paced society, we want our information now. Additionally, we want it in small chunks that are easy to read. That’s when a listicle comes into play. Even if […]

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Google SERP: Knowledge Panel

Learn about Google SERP Knowledge Panel

You know that in order to get more customers, you need to get your business online. Additionally, you need to make sure your company’s website stands out from the competition. […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Build Authority as an Online Writer

Building authority as an online writer isn’t as simple as writing the piece, hitting the publish button, and waiting for readers to arrive. While it takes some work to build, […]

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