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Author - Kelly Quigley

Infographic Design Trends We’ll See More of in 2018 [Infographic]

Infographics offer an engaging way to bring otherwise dry data to life. The massive popularity of these visual pieces has lead to an abundance of infographics littering the internet, many of which are […]

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5 Huge Mistakes Content Marketers Make With Infographics


Have an idea for an infographic? Let CopyPress Help! Click to get started! No one can deny the popularity of infographics any longer. The gap between the old and new […]

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The Beautiful History of Infographics [Infographic]

The History of Infographics: CopyPress

Looking for quality infographics? Let CopyPress Help! Click to get started! The infographic is one of the most compelling pieces of content you can create. It provides a vibrant alternative to […]

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The Mind’s Eye – What does yours see?

Try an experiment with me. What do you see in your mind when I say, “create an image of an exotic bird with a colorful beak resting on a tree […]

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Let’s Talk About Type – Sans Serif

I’m going to throw some important words at you that are a must when entering the realm of Sans Serif. And yes, one of the words is Helvetica. But before […]

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Making an Infographic: Client Logos

This tutorial will give you some ideas and show you some tips on how you can incorporate a client logo into your infographic. The main program I use to build […]

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Let’s Talk About Type — Slab

Let’s seal the deal with the Serif family and talk about the last new kid on the block: Slab. Some also refer to this style as mechanistic, square serif, or Egyptian. […]

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Let’s Talk About Type — Modern

In this article we’re talking about type in terms of families. As mentioned in my first post, I want to be able to talk about type pairing in infographics (and […]

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Let’s Talk About Type – Serif – Transitional

It’s time to keep our discussion rolling on the ever effervescent Serif family. Last time our journey took us back to the 15th century where we discussed Humanist and then […]

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Let’s Talk About Type – Serif – Humanist and Old Style

Here’s my next installment of the Let’s Talk About Type Series. Are you ready to have your mind blown? Excited to walk away with an arsenal of fancy type lingo […]

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