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Kristy Snyder is a professional whose work can be found all over the internet. She currently calls the Pacific Northwest home and enjoys drinking beer, yoga classes, and spending time with her cat. Follow her writing adventures at or follow her @kristysnyder.


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Content 5 Reasons Why Your Anchor Text Should Never Be “Click Here”

Crafting clickable hyperlinks is one of the hardest things to do when creating content. Even if you have killer ideas and phenomenal prose, if your links are lackluster, you won’t get the follow-through you crave. Many content creators fail at this one important step and default to...

15 Jun 2018

Content Marketing 6 Tips to Optimize Your Content for Mobile Users

The average smartphone user spends five hours a day on their mobile phone. Of this time, 8% was spent using a mobile browser to surf the web, which equates to about 24 minutes per day. With consumers dedicating so much time to this method of browsing, it’s...

16 Feb 2018

Content What Makes Listicles So Effective?

Long-form content is becoming less and less common thanks to the emergence of the listicle. Believe it or not, this form of writing that combines list and article format has been around since long before the advent of the internet. Some experts traced the form back to...

23 Jan 2018

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